AOC Slams Republicans For Using ‘Statistics’ And ‘Studies’ To Debunk Her Green New Deal Claims

Celebrating “Earth Day,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed Republicans for using “statistics and studies” in their opposition to her Green New Deal proposals, which included the widespread abandonment of fossil fuels in favor of “green” energy.

“Happy Earth Day!” Rep. Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “Here’s a friendly reminder from this morning’s committee hearing that investing in sustainable energy sources now makes more financial sense than spending billions to repair fossil fuel infrastructure after each climate disaster.”

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Nine out of ten leading causes of death were below average in June – or were they just wrongly attributed to covid?

On the 17th July the Office for National Statistics published this astonishing chart :[1]

The Daily Mail were quick to point out that in June, covid was the third most significant cause of death [2] but no one seems to have drawn much attention to the most startling aspect of the new data:

In June all the normal leading causes of death were killing significantly fewer people than the five year average.

Are all the causes of death magically declining while covid grows?

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