Judge orders release of Jeffrey Epstein records in response to Miami Herald litigation

A federal judge in New York on Thursday ordered the unsealing of key documents from a settled civil lawsuit involving Ghislaine Maxwell and victims alleging sex abuse and trafficking by the late Jeffrey Epstein.

Senior District Judge Loretta Preska ruled from the bench in a telephonic hearing that the public interest in the matter outweighed Maxwell’s claims that the documents, including depositions of central players in the Epstein saga, would prove embarrassing or interfere with ongoing legal matters.

Maxwell’s opposition to the unsealing effort, filed by the Miami Herald after it published a series of articles on Epstein titled Perversion of Justice, had long preceded her arrest on July 2 at a secluded New Hampshire mansion on allegations that she helped shepherd women and underage girls to Epstein for sexual abuse. She has pleaded innocent but was denied bail in a July 14 hearing.

The documents ordered unsealed by Preska are from the process of discovery, where lawyers from each side can ask detailed questions of each other’s witnesses ahead of a trial. Specifically, they were motions already decided on by a judge who first heard the civil lawsuit from Epstein victims against Maxwell.

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Geraldo Rivera: Trump Was ‘Brave’ to Wish Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Well’

Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera on Wednesday once again rallied to the defense of accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, claiming it was “brave” for President Donald Trump to wish the Jeffrey Epstein associate “well” during a Tuesday press conference.

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Politico reports Chelsea Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell were such ‘close friends’ they actually vacationed together

Imagine if the story I am about to tell you involved Ivanka and not Chelsea Clinton.

Imagine if I told you that Ghislaine Maxwell and Ivanka Trump were such close friends that they worked together at the Trump Foundation, and Ghislaine was front-and-center at Ivanka’s wedding to Jared, and the two were such BFF’s that they even vacationed together on a swanky yacht back in 2009.

The media would be reporting on how scandalous it was nonstop, because that is how they operate

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Trump triggers outrage for giving best wishes to Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking accomplice

At Tuesday’s coronavirus news conference, President Donald Trump was asked to comment on Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite arrested as an alleged accomplice to deceased wealth manager Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking operation. He replied, “I wish her well.”

Commenters on social media were not impressed with this response.

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Senior FBI Intel Analyst Admitted To Viewing Porn Of Girls As Young As 9 Years Old

A senior FBI intelligence analyst admitted during a polygraph test that he viewed child pornography of girls as young as nine years old, according to a report of the investigation obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The analyst, who is not identified in the report, was fired from the FBI, but the Justice Department and its child exploitation unit declined to file criminal charges against him.

The report goes into greater detail about the investigation into the analyst than did a summary of the probe released by the Justice Department’s inspector general in April.

That summary said that the supervisory intelligence analyst (SIA) admitted to viewing and downloading child pornography several years earlier, but did not give any other details about the nature of the content.

The investigative report, which the DCNF obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, paints a more disturbing picture of the analyst’s activities.

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