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Did you know there’s a searchable archive of the last 12 years of TV news? Or that every moment of all of the major news network’s broadcasts from the week of 9/11 are available for free online? Well, you do now! Go forth and research!

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‘Satan works in mysterious ways’: Newscast on Australian TV interrupted by devil-worshipping ceremony

Australian TV channel ABC has accidentally shown its viewers footage from a Satanic ritual during the middle of a routine newscast. The blunder was linked online to a current court case about teaching Satanism in schools.

The excerpt from the news broadcast, posted by ABC Media Watch on Twitter, begins with anchor Yvonne Yong introducing a story about Queensland’s proposal to make it a criminal offense to injure or kill police dogs and horses. 

As Yong pauses awkwardly, the audience sees silent footage of masked officials in suits. The broadcast then unexpectedly cuts to what appears to be the middle of a satanic ritual. A person donning a black robe proclaims “Hail, Satan,” while flanked by a large illuminated upside-down cross.

The broadcast cuts back to Yong, who, after a brief moment of silence, switches to a different story as if nothing had happened.

It is not clear whether the Satanic footage was part of another story, or had come from elsewhere, and ABC has not commented on the matter.

Several people online linked devil-worshippers with members of the Noosa Temple of Satan, which is currently suing Queensland’s Education Department to have religious instruction classes taught in schools.

According to Australian media, the Satanists, led by Robin Bristow, also known as Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon, want the federal government to scrap its religious discrimination bill and replace it with a human rights act.

The Noosa Temple of Satan retweeted the clip, adding that “Satan works in mysterious ways.” 

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News Sites Including Huffington Post, Vox, Newsweek, Riddled With Pornography

On Thursday, news sites including the Washington Post, Vox, Newsweek, the Mirror, and the Huffington Post, displayed graphic hardcore pornography on some old articles.

Articles dating from 2015 to 2017 on a number of news websites that include embedded videos, including some with young audiences, are now displaying the pornography, all from a site called “5 Star HD Porn.” The discovery was first spotted by anonymous posters on 4chan, with a thread posted on the website’s /pol/ board detailing a number of articles that had been afflicted. The pornographic titles include such names as “Abigal and Eva are hungry for c*ck,” and “Megan gets stretched out.”

The articles ranged from “serious” mainstream news articles, such as a Washington Post story from January 2017 about Paul Ryan stopping somebody from dabbing in a photo, a Huffington Post article from May 2017 about Martin Shkreli being permanently banned from Twitter, and an article from the Australian’s Herald Sun from June 2016 about the age of an Australian NBA player. Other affected sites including Voxthe MirrorRolling StoneBusiness Insider AustraliaNewsweek, Kotaku, Vanity Fair, and most disturbingly, Teen Vogue.

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