11 Adults Arrested for Allegedly Operating Child Sex, Killing Dogs: ‘Witchcraft’ and ‘Sexual Services’

The Glasgow Evening Times reports that 11 adults were arraigned on Monday at the High Court in Glasglow, Scotland. Together, they face forty-three serious charges — including sexual abuse of children, attempted murder and involving children in animal sacrifice ceremonies in connection with witchcraft.

According to the Glasgow Evening Times report, the adults were part of a group that allegedly coerced three children — two girls and a boy — to participate in a child sex ring between January 2010 and March 2020. The activities reportedly took place in the Glasgow area.

The Daily Caller reports that prosecutor Kath Harper brought charges against seven men and four women —accusing them of videotaping sexual acts between adults and children and, reportedly, the rape of three children to the cheers of onlookers.  

Harper also notes in his report that members of the group allegedly paid the children for “sexual services,” forced the children to attack several dogs and then watch the animals be killed.  

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Occult Totalitarianism

Oc·cult (adjective) [ ə’kʌlt ] 1. supernatural or magic, 2. not understandable, 3. secret, 4. hidden, 5. difficult to see.

All five of these definitions could describe the totalitarianism this article addresses, but I was thinking definitions 4 and 5 were the most accurate…and maybe a bit of 3 considering one of the hallmarks of the massive world effort toward central government is secret due to the fact no one heading this effort will ever admit it is a totalitarian movement, but the effort itself is anything but secret.

It’s true intention is indeed hidden, and maybe, for most, difficult to see. But one of the strangest things about all this is that if you had even a modicum of a thinking brain, it would be very clear what is happening, and what their intention is.

I have to admit before the 9-11 fiasco, I was one of those with a very sleepy brain. So I do have some empathy for people who have spent the majority of their life asleep.

Things are different now; there is nothing more obvious than the efforts of these people to take over the world, and there is no excuse to remain asleep. No kidding.

In the past a totalitarian takeover was anything but hidden. Typically it entailed a big mouth tyrant like Lenin, Stalin, or Hitler to start spouting off how he and his ideological vision were going to make the country he had targeted and everyone in it much, much better off. “Follow me, listen to me, do what I say, hate who I say to hate, believe what I say to believe…”—on and on—very loudly, very pushy.

So how is it now different?

Not much difference really, except maybe in what they call it. They don’t call it a dictatorship, or a fascist state (well, they didn’t use those words exactly back then either). Now they usually call it a democracy, but that is in name only. The “occult” part is demonstrated by never telling people the restrictions they endure and the loss of their freedoms are for the benefit of the state or the ideology, but rather for the benefit of the people—for the community, for each other.

Compliance is created through lies and subterfuge.

Sure, Hitler, Lenin, et al said similar sorts of things at first, and maybe after a while our “leaders” will begin to adopt the same tactics these world renown criminals throughout history did, but I do believe the current path to totalitarian rule is not as obvious and overt as it has been in the past. It is subtler now, more disguised to most—like the boiling frog I have endlessly babbled about.

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Neo-Nazi Satanist Cult Is a Terrorist Group, Feds Say 

In the end, the self-professed traitor blinked. On Friday, June 24, former Army Pvt. Ethan Melzer pleaded guilty to three terrorism-related federal charges for a macabre, Satanist-inspired plot to have his former unit attacked by jihadi militants during a deployment overseas in 2020. The thin, bearded 24-year-old entered his change of plea in the Lower Manhattan courtroom of U.S. District Judge Gregory Woods a little over two years since his high-profile arrest in June 2020, and just 11 days before the scheduled start of what would’ve been a first in American jurisprudence: the federal government’s foremost terrorism prosecutors trying an adherent of the shadowy Far Right Order of Nine Angles (O9A) sect.

The Order of Nine Angles, founded in the 1960s by British Satanists, has spread throughout the world in the succeeding decades. Over the past five years, the ideology became intertwined with neo-fascist terrorist groups like the Atomwaffen Division, National Action, and the Base. O9A’s followers stand accused of murder, pedophilia, rape, terrorism, and other crimes in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Russia, and elsewhere. The Federal Bureau of Investigation also indirectly helped accelerate the spread of O9A by employing Joshua Caleb Sutter, the head of the Tempel ov Blood nexion and prolific publisher of O9A-related books through his Martinet Press imprint, as a paid informant for almost 20 years.

Melzer’s conviction is significant: He embodied the worst fears of military and law-enforcement leaders of an “inside threat” intent on inflicting lethal harm on his fellow Americans. Melzer even joined the military in what O9A refers to as an “insight role” to gain weapons and tactical training while using his position in the Army to subvert or damage the institution. The former soldier’s conviction is the first time American authorities have articulated and prosecuted actions driven by a Satanist sect that has inspired millenarian neo-Nazi domestic terrorists and led to several homicides overseas. British law enforcement is so alarmed by the noxious ideology that the Home Office is under pressure to formally ban the Order of Nine Angles as they have done to Al Qaeda, National Action, and other terrorist groups. The importance of Melzer’s case was signaled by the dozens of federal law-enforcement officers in plainclothes present in court last Friday to watch the disgraced G.I. plead guilty.

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Information Uncovered Overnight Shows Highland Park Shooter, Bobby Crimo, Is Tied to Socialists, Progressives, Antifa and the Occult

Police arrested Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo III’, age 22, yesterday as the shooter who killed six and injured many more at the 4th of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois.  This morning The Gateway Pundit has uncovered information indicating Crimo is a radical progressive with ties to Antifa, progressive groups, and the occult. 

Looking over information that was collected following the deadly shooting, the Highland Park 4th of July parade killer, Bobby Crimo, has a very dark background.

We reported on the shooter yesterday when he was confirmed as a person of interest.

Now we have information tying Crimo to progressives, socialists, Antifa and the occult.  Crimo’s social network and lifestyle are all progressively related.

Crimo has ties to the Democratic Socialists of America as noted by the tattoo on his neck.  This is the largest and fastest-growing socialist organization in the US.

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US solider pleads guilty to plotting rampage with neo-Nazi occultists

An Army paratrooper with ties to a neo-Nazi occult group pleaded guilty Friday to charges that he aimed to ignite a race war beginning with a plot to massacre fellow U.S. soldiers in his platoon.

Ethan Melzer was arrested in June 2020 after sending sensitive information about the location, movements and security measures of his regiment in encrypted messages to members of a group called Order of Nine Angles.

The Counter Extremism Project says the Order of Nine Angles is full of neo-Nazi-Satanists whose nihilistic ideology “supports violent jihadist terrorism, in line with its accelerationist philosophy to support the destruction of the current world order.”

Facing possible life imprisonment on eight counts., the 24-year-old Army private from Louisville, Kentucky, was set to go to a jury trial after the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Melzer had pleaded not guilty in 2020 but changed his tune Friday afternoon, offering guilty pleas on three counts in connection with leaking his Army unit’s overseas location to an occultist fascist group that has deep ties to neo-Nazism, with the intention to facilitate a “mass-casualty” attack against his comrades.

The three counts to which Melzer pleaded guilty are attempting to murder U.S. service members, providing and attempting to provide material support to terrorists, and illegally transmitting national defense information.

Melzer’s indictment says he communicated with members of his neo-Nazi group through the Rapewaffen Division Channel on the encrypted messaging service Telegram, plotting an attack on U.S. soldiers in the 173rd Airborne Brigade when it was set for deployment from Camp Ederle in Vicenza, Italy, to a base in Turkey.

It was Melzer’s hope, authorities say, that in transmitting the sensitive location, strength and weaponry details of the troops to Islamic extremist terror cells in the region, that the ensuing attacks would spark war in Muslim-majority countries.

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He publishes books on satanism and torture to inspire neo-Nazis. The FBI has paid him $140,000

For years, Joshua Caleb Sutter, an avowed white supremacist from South Carolina, has published and sold books glorifying torture, child abuse, rape, terrorism, mass murder and more – all in the name of his racist and satanic beliefs.

His self-published books have become go-to texts for some of the most extreme and violent white supremacists across the world. They have become required reading in a sinister satanist cult that has spread to several countries and has already inspired several known terrorists and would-be mass killers.

The ideas Sutter pushes are so vile they have proven too much even for some of the country’s most dangerous and violent neo-Nazis. In 2018 several people left the white supremacist domestic terrorism group Atomwaffen Division, citing Sutter’s books – and his growing influence in the organization – as too radical even for them.

Since 2004, while his publishing business and his influence over radical white supremacists have swelled, Sutter has had another benefactor: the American taxpayer. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has paid him at least $140,000 over the past 18 years to provide information about the extremist groups he associates with, according to court records.

How useful that information has been in fighting extremism is impossible to tell. The FBI won’t talk about Sutter and has yet to provide USA TODAY with any documents about the payments to him, or the intelligence he provided, in response to requests under the Freedom of Information Act.

But the relationship between the federal government and one of the chief propagandists of the most radical wing of white supremacy, experts say, raises profound concerns, including whether the agency actually directs public money to help fund the very same extremist movements and hateful propaganda it is supposed to be clamping down on.

“He’s in a win-win situation,” said Ariel Koch, a research fellow at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism at Israel’s Reichman University who studies extremist movements. “He gets money from the government and he can continue doing what he likes to do, which is to publish literature that is distributed by neo-Nazis.”

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“Here’s to my sweet Satan. I sing because I live with Satan. He will give those with him 666. There was a little toolshed where he made us suffer, sad Satan.”

 These are the disturbing words which appear when the 1971 Led Zeppelin masterpiece “Stairway to Heaven” is played in reverse – or so it is widely claimed. In the 1970s and 80s, a moral panic spread among American Evangelical groups about rock bands hiding satanic and other subversive messages in their music. These messages, they claimed, were subliminally inserted by recording them backwards, a technique known as back masking. This panic reached such hysterical heights that churches across the United States held record smashing and burnings, several bands found themselves in court over corrupting lyrics, and the legend of backwards satanic messages became an indelible part of music culture. But did any artists actually hide backwards messages in their music? Well, yes, but not for the reasons their Evangelical critics believed.

The practice of back masking is as old as sound recording itself. Shortly after patenting the phonograph in 1877, Thomas Edison experimented with playing recorded music backwards, noting that the result sounded “novel and sweet but altogether different.” The first association between back masking and satanism came in 1913, when British occultist Aleister Crowley, in his treatise Magick: Book 4, recommended that those interested in black magic listen to phonographic records in reverse in order to learn how to think and speak backwards. Coincidentally, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page would later purchase Crowley’s former mansion, giving plenty of ammunition to the evangelical satanic panic crowd. Over the following decades, avant-garde composers like John Cage and Edgard Varèse experimented with reversed recordings to create bold new soundscapes, a technique which was later adopted by various rock ‘n’ roll groups starting in the 1960s – including the Beatles. According to John Lennon, after coming home from a party in 1966, he accidentally played a take of the song “Rain” backwards. Lennon, a fan of avant-garde music, was so enamoured by the sound that he included a reversed version of the song’s opening line in the fadeout. This is widely considered the first use of back masking in a pop song. The technique was also heavily featured in the song “Tomorrow Never Knows” from the band’s 1966 album Revolver, as well as throughout 1967’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

 Unfortunately for the Fab Four, this experimentation would lead to the first great back masking controversy, as the technique formed a cornerstone of the infamous “Paul is Dead” urban legend. For the uninitiated, “Paul is Dead” was a popular conspiracy theory started in 1967 which held that Paul McCartney had in fact died in a car crash on November 9, 1966, and was subsequently replaced with an impostor. The theory further held that the remaining Beatles attempted to reveal Paul’s fate by planting subtle clues in their songs and album covers. Among these supposed clues are the lyric“the walrus was Paul” from the 1968 song “Glass Onion” and the cover of 1969’s Abbey Road, on which Paul is barefoot and walking out of step with the rest of the band. But the most definitive clues, the theorists claimed, were revealed by playing Beatles records backwards – particularly the 1968 White Album. For example, “Revolution 9” supposedly contains the message “turn me on, dead man,” while “I’m so Tired” yields “Paul is dead. Miss him, miss him.” Of course, the entire “Paul is Dead” rumour is complete nonsense, and while the Beatles did pioneer the use of back masking, none of the aforementioned examples were intentional uses of the technique. Rather, these supposed “secret messages” are merely cases of pareidolia – the tendency of the human brain to perceive patterns in otherwise random data. Other famous examples pareidolia include the “face” on the surface of Mars seen by the Viking 1 spacecraft in 1976, the face of the Devil seen in the smoke billowing from the World Trade Centre on 9/11, and the endless reports of Jesus and the Virgin Mary appearing on slices of toast and other objects. Research has also shown the strong influence of the observer-expectancy effect, as few listeners will perceive the supposed hidden messages unless they have already been primed to do so. Nonetheless, the fact that the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and other musicians did intentionally use back masking for fun or artistic effect was enough to convince moral guardians that the technique could also be used for nefarious purposes.

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The Satanist Neo-Nazi Plot to Murder U.S. Soldiers

Ethan Phelan Melzer’s secret life of hate ran deep. The 24-year-old private in the 173rd Airborne Brigade appeared to be just another young soldier, trying to find his way through military life at Fort Benning, Georgia. However, in his private time, prosecutors allege, Melzer had another, sinister side: He said he liked to perform macabre blood rituals; read obscure, gruesome tracts about torture and child abuse; collected violent iconography; and found like minds in the depths of Telegram, an encrypted messaging app so favored by extremists of all stripes that it is often referred to as “Terrorgram.” His handle was “Etil Reggad” — a near anadrome for “Elite Dagger.”

By Melzer’s own account, enlisting in the Army was a ruse — on the encrypted app, he wrote that he had joined up solely to gain knowledge of military weaponry and tactics. “It’s great for training,” he wrote, adding a cryptic remark about his base. “All of these places the vast majority deserve to be burned.”

Melzer repeatedly trash-talked the Army and described it as merely a means to hone his violent skills. “I’m not patriotic for shit,” he wrote to another radical who was considering enlisting in the Marines. Telegram chats disclosed by the government in court filings reveal his efforts to mask his true beliefs: “I fly under the radar already, act completely normal around other people outside and don’t talk about my personal life or beliefs with anyone.”

The young paratrooper said he was conducting what he called an “insight role” — both infiltrating and subverting an institution, one of the core tenets of the Order of Nine Angles, a secretive, nihilistic, bloodthirsty satanist-Nazi sect, to which, prosecutors allege, Melzer swore allegiance.

Once confined to the most obscure occultism, “O9A” ideology has spread like wildfire via the internet and the global fascist resurgence of the 2010s. Its cells, known as “nexions,” have cross-pollinated with the millenarian neo-Nazi worldview popularized by the wannabe 21st-century Tim McVeighs of the Atomwaffen Division, a group of American extremists who celebrated the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, venerated terrorists like Anders Breivik and psychopaths like Charles Manson, and have been connected to five murders and numerous bomb plots.

The key evangelical for O9A, the figure who facilitated this macabre wedding of apocalyptic death cults, is Joshua Caleb Sutter, a 41-year-old ex-convict, prolific satanist, publisher of manuscripts advocating murder, torture, rape, and child abuse — and a paid FBI informant since 2004.

Sutter’s O9A message is a lunatic mashup of vampirism, Columbine-style death worship, and edgelord posturing, specifically designed to lure in the lost, angry, and transgressive types like Melzer.

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