Man confesses to Queens murder, called victim a ‘witch’ who cursed him: NYPD

A man charged in the fatal shooting of a woman in Queens reportedly confessed to detectives, also saying the victim — a psychic who does tarot card readings in her home — was a “witch” who had cursed him to his death.

Authorities say 41-year-old Giuseppe Canzani walked up to 51-year-old Anna Torres’ home, located on 109th Avenue in Ozone Park, around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, knocked on the door, and fired three shots when she opened the door, striking the victim twice.

Torres, whose son is an NYPD officer, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police officials said Canzani told investigators that Torres had tried to kill him with her curses.

“They tried to kill me,” he reportedly said. “I am supposed to be dead already.”

In surveillance video obtained by Eyewitness News, school children can be seen running as the crack of gunfire echoed down 109th Avenue.

Seconds later, a man matching Canzani who appeared to be holding a silver gun in his right hand, was captured casually walking from the home at the corner of 96th Street, before getting into the driver’s seat of a black Chevy Traverse.

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The Occult History of the U.S. Military’s PSYOPS and its Highly Symbolic Recruitment Video

Michael Aquino joined the U.S. Army in 1968 where he became an officer specializing in psychological warfare and, later, a Lieutenant colonel in military intelligence.

As Aquino climbed the ranks of the U.S. military, he also climbed the ranks of another organization: The Church of Satan.

“Michael Aquino began corresponding with Anton LaVey while a psychological operative for the U.S. Army, stationed in the jungles of Vietnam. Aquino returned to the States and was soon made a high-ranking priest and editor of the church’s Cloven Hoof newsletter. His distinctive appearance — he sported a prominent widow’s peak and darkly accented eyebrows — was further enhanced by a small 666 tattooed on his scalp.”
– Washington Post, A Devil of a Time

As years passed, the relationship between Aquino and LaVey deteriorated. The main reason: LaVey believed that Satan was a symbolic force while Aquino believed in the literal existence of Satan. In 1975, Aquino founded the Temple of Set – an occult order that revolved around an Egyptian deity on whom the Hebraic Satan was supposedly based.

Aquino’s occult activities did not interfere with his military career. In fact, he described politics and propaganda as forms of “lesser black magic”.

Aquino divided black magic into two forms: lesser black magic and greater black magic. He stated that lesser black magic entails “impelling” things that exist in the “objective universe” into doing a desired act by using “obscure physical or behavioral laws” and into this category he placed stage magic, psychodramas, politics, and propaganda.
– Jesper Aagaard, “The Seeds of Satan: Conceptions of Magic in Contemporary Satanism”

In 1980, as a “PSYOP Research & Analysis Team Leader”, Aquino c0-authored MindWar – an internal U.S. Army paper about the future of psychological operations. While this document was only intended for the eyes of government policymakers, it accidentally became public. And it caused quite a stir.

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Exorcism gone wrong… 3-year-old girl dies in San Jose, CA…

Faith leaders at a tiny church in San Jose where a three-year-old girl perished last fall have confirmed that they performed a ceremony on the child to “liberate her of her evil spirits” but say what happened was “the will of God,” not the consequence of an exorcism.

If you read the Bible, you’ll see that Jesus casts away demons and made sick people healthy again,” said Rene Huezo, pastor of Iglesia Apostoles y Profetas and grandfather of the victim. “It’s not when I want to do it, it’s when God, in his will, wants to heal the person. The preacher is like an instrument of God; what we do is what God says.

Arely Naomi Proctor’s death by asphyxiation has been ruled a homicide by the Santa Clara County Medical Examiner’s office.

Her mother, Claudia Hernandez, who authorities say withheld food from the girl and squeezed her neck during the exorcism, has been arrested and charged with assault on a child resulting in death.

But neither Huezo nor the victim’s uncle, both of whom allegedly held the girl down as the ceremony continued, have been charged in the incident at the church on the 1000 block of South Second Street in San Jose.

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ANOTHER Russian billionaire dies in mysterious circumstances: Officials say energy firm exec died ‘after going to shamans for hangover cure made from toad venom’

Another Russian tycoon has been found dead under mysterious circumstances.

Billionaire Alexander Subbotin, 43, a former top executive with Kremlin-friendly energy giant Lukoil, is the latest in a number of high profile, suspicious deaths since Vladimir Putin ordered his forces to invade Ukraine.

The mogul had sought the advice of shamans to cure a hangover, according to the official version of events, but his death comes as the deaths of other prominent tycoons are under the spotlight which critics of Putin’s regime say could be murders.

The oligarch, who owned a lucrative shipping company, was reportedly treated with toad venom – put into an incision that had been made in his skin. Soon afterwards, Subbotin had a heart attack and was given a tranquilliser from the herb valerian.

The next morning he was found dead by male and female shamans Magua Flores (real name Alexey Pindyurin) and Tina Cordoba (Kristina Teikhrib), according to local reports citing the version of events shared by Russian law enforcement.

The pair reportedly treat clients by summoning the spirits, sacrificing animals and bathing them in cockerel blood.

Separately, the two controversial shamans – or traditional healers and diviners of spirits – are embroiled in accusations that they abused a makeup artist and blogger during a trip to Mexico last year.

They told state investigators that Subbotin was a friend and denied that they subjected him to shamanic rituals for payment.

Subbotin, reported by REN TV to be a billionaire, was a board member of Lukoil Trading House LLC, then became the owner of the New Transport Company (NTK) on the shores of the Gulf of Finland.

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Now Russia accuses Ukraine of using Black Magic: State media says ‘Satanic seal of the dark forces’ was found at deserted military HQ in propaganda claim

Russian state media have claimed there are signs that Ukrainian troops were practising black magic at a military headquarters in Ukraine.

A ‘satanic seal’ – a symbol believed to hold connections to a greater supernatural power – was apparently found on the wall of a deserted Ukrainian military base on the outskirts of the village of Trekhizbenka in the Luhansk region.

The Russian news agency RIA Novosti claimed the symbol, as well as other markings apparently made with blood, showed there were signs Ukrainian soldiers were ‘practicing black magic’.

The news agency claims ‘disciples of otherworldly forces tried to consecrate their weapons and made marks with blood’ so as to give their armoury extra energy to deal extra damage when it hits a target.

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Famous Globalists & Occultists Come Out in Defense of Ukraine, Turn Internet Toward Putin

Well-known globalists and occultists like high priestess Marina Abramovic are endorsing Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, prompting some on social media to consider rooting for Vladimir Putin instead.

Abramovic, a Democrat known for her occult antics like Spirit Cooking ceremonies, denounced Russian President Vladimir Putin and called for social media to rally to Ukraine’s side of the conflict.

“An attack to Ukraine is to attack all of us,” Abramovic said in a video circulating Twitter. “It’s an attack to humanity and has to be stopped.”

Abramovic’s dark legacy is so repugnant that many people commented that while they otherwise would not support Russia – framed as the aggressor in this conflict – her endorsement of Ukraine is making them reconsider.

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What really happened to Ronald Hunkeler, who inspired ‘The Exorcist’

Ronald Edwin Hunkeler was a NASA engineer who patented a special technology to make space shuttle panels resistant to extreme heat, helping the Apollo missions of the 1960s that put US astronauts on the moon in 1969.

But Hunkeler also had another claim to fame: He was the secret real-life inspiration for the demon-possessed kid in “The Exorcist.”

His identity has been kept under wraps since a series of exorcisms he underwent as a young teenager in Cottage City, Md., and St. Louis, Mo., in 1949.

For decades he was known only by the pseudonyms “Roland Doe” or “Robbie Mannheim.” His identity has been something of an open secret among the community of Jesuits who were close to the priests who participated in his exorcisms and a handful of academics and reporters who studied the phenomenon beginning in the mid-1970s.

But he lived in fear of more people finding out the truth.

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WitchTok: the rise of the occult on social media has eerie parallels with the 16th century

It’s 1.30am in the morning, and I’m about to watch a duel between magicians. One is a “demonolater”, a word I have never heard before, someone who claims they worship demons and can petition them in return for knowledge or power. The other describes themselves as a “Solomonic magician”, and claims to be able to command demons to do his bidding, as some Jewish and Islamic traditions have believed of King Solomon, who ruled Israel in the 10th century BC.

I first discovered this debate because, in the course of studying 16th century books of magic attributed to Solomon, I had found, to my astonishment, that “Solomonic magic” is still alive and well today, and growing in popularity. Twitter had suggested to me that I might be interested in an account called “Solomonic magic”, and a few clicks later I had found myself immersed in a vast online community of young occultists, tweeting and retweeting the latest theories and controversies, and using TikTok to share their craft.

To my further bemusement, it seemed that the tradition of Solomonic magic had recently faced accusations that its strict and authoritative approach to the command of demons amounted to a form of abuse, akin to domestic violence. As I had made a note in my diary of a public debate that I wanted to attend out of sheer curiosity, it seemed astonishing to be asking myself whether Solomonic magic, the same found in books of necromancy dating back hundreds of years, was on the brink of cancellation in 2021.

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Satanic rituals, forced cannibalism: The kidnappings and extortions of Central American migrants

According to CBP figures, 40,091 Hondurans were detained in 2020 while trying to enter the U.S. without legal permission. So far this year, the Border Patrol has recorded 98,554 migrant apprehensions, more than double the previous year.

David’s coyote was supposed to drop them off at the Texas border, where he was going to turn himself in, along with this daughter, to U.S. immigration authorities and seek asylum.

But when they reached Reynosa in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, the coyote handed them over to an armed group.

According to Denis, the coyote deceived them, because the fee he paid was supposed to include what was to be paid to criminals for going through their territory.

From crossing Mexico to becoming hostages

For a month on the road, David and his daughter slept in abandoned houses, on the edge of the train tracks and under trees. They ate what they were given in migrant shelters on their way to northern Mexico. Nothing resembled what the coyote had promised.

When they arrived in Monterrey, in Nuevo León, they were put in the back of a truck with eight other migrants on their way to Reynosa.

At the city gates, the vehicle stopped on the orders of a group of armed men. They made all the migrants come out and inspected them one by one.

“They searched me, they took away the backpack I was carrying, they threw me face down,” David said.

They were taken to a warehouse, asked for their cellphones and asked who was their U.S. relative who was paying for the trip. Then they were kidnapped and told that if they wanted to be released, their relatives had to pay for the right to transit through the area.

“They told me they were the ones who commanded the border of the river and Reynosa, that they were from the Gulf cartel,” David said.

They were in a cellar for two days, and from there they were transferred to the desert. There were green tents set up under some bushes to camouflage the hostage camp. David estimates that there were about 50 migrants, mostly Hondurans.

“They made us put up with hunger and thirst, they only fed us once a day. It was almost always rice, beans and a glass of water,” he said, adding he would end up giving his food to his daughter to keep her fed.

As the days passed, David’s health began to deteriorate. He had weakness, fatigue, headache and dehydration symptoms. Every time the kidnappers arrived with his cellphone, he knew it was time to call his brother to pressure him and ask him to pay.

Denis said he would explain to the kidnappers on the phone that he had no money. “But they did not accept anything, they told me that I had to wash cars, sell chewing gum, beg in the streets, but that the money had to be paid if I wanted to see them alive,” he said.

‘They dismembered them with a machete’

Every time Denis said he had no money, David earned himself a beating. His daughter cried when she saw him bleeding on the floor.

David said that when the deadline arrived for other migrants and their families had not been able to pay the ransom, the captives were murdered right there in the camp.

“With a machete they dismembered them, killed them,” David said, “and the only thing I could do was cover my daughter’s eyes and ears so that she would not know what was happening, nor would she have those memories for her whole life.”

When this happened, David said the corpses were cooked and the surviving migrants were served the human meat, “so that there would be no trace of anything — that’s what one had to eat.”

One of the things that most affected David was seeing the satanic rituals that the kidnappers performed at night.

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