Bodies surfacing in Lake Mead recall mob’s time in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is being flooded with lore about organized crime after a second set of human remains emerged within a week from the depths of a drought-stricken Colorado River reservoir just a 30-minute drive from the notoriously mob-founded Strip.

“There’s no telling what we’ll find in Lake Mead,” former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman said Monday. “It’s not a bad place to dump a body.”

Goodman, as a lawyer, represented mob figures including the ill-fated Anthony “Tony the Ant” Spilotro before serving three terms as a martini-toting mayor making public appearances with a showgirl on each arm.

He declined to name names about who might turn up in the vast reservoir formed by Hoover Dam between Nevada and Arizona.

“I’m relatively sure it was not Jimmy Hoffa,” he laughed. But he added that a lot of his former clients seemed interested in “climate control” — mob speak for keeping the lake level up and bodies down in their watery graves.

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A 17-Year-Old Was Kidnapped In 1966 And Never Seen Again. His Friends Solved The Crime.

Today, the story of 17-year-old Danny Goldman’s disappearance sounds like the farfetched plot of a movie, but in 1966, it really happened.

On March 28, 1966, a large man with a limp broke into Aaron and Sally Goldman’s home in Surfside, Florida, using an unlocked sliding glass door, People reported. The man wore a hat and pointed a gun at the family, demanding $10,000 in cash and using the couples’ first names. As People noted, $10,000 in 1966 is equivalent to nearly $90,000 today, and the Goldman’s said they didn’t have that much lying around.

The intruder said he’d take a hostage – their son Danny.

“I’m going to hold Danny for security,” he allegedly told the family before increasing his demand to $25,000. He allegedly told them he would call that day at 6 p.m. with more instructions, but he never did. And Danny was never seen again.

Danny’s childhood friend David Graubart told People that at the time he and others “thought he’d be back in two or three days somehow, with this crazy story to tell.”

But that didn’t happen.

Aaron Goldman died in 2010. Sally died two years later. They never found out what happened to their son.

Graubart, his younger brother Joe, and several other friends including Paul Novack soon began spending their own time and resources to find out what happened to their childhood friend – and the truth is wild.

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JFK’s ties to the mob fueled conspiracy theories about his assassination

November 22, 2020 marks one of the darkest anniversaries in American history – the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Among the many conspiracy theories surrounding the murder, only one suspect was ever prosecuted, an act that destroyed many lives.

In the 57 years since that day in Dallas, the ties between JFK and the American mob have been well documented. Along with Dallas, Miami and Las Vegas played roles in the storyline that has emerged over the years.

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