One in three doctors won’t give Covid-19 vaccine to their own kids

Significant numbers of medical professionals say they do not want their own children to be vaccinated for Covid-19, despite government recommendations.

According to a poll conducted by Medscape, 39% of doctors with young children ages 5-11 say they do not want their children vaccinated for Covid-19, or are not sure about it. [30% would not vaccinate; 9% are unsure]

There was a similar result among pharmacists. Forty percent (40%) said they do not want their own young children vaccinated or are unsure. [31% would not vaccinate; 9% are unsure]

The “vaccine hesitancy” among parents who are nurses is even higher in the poll: 58% said they do not want their own kids to get the Covid-19 vaccine (45%) or are unsure (13%).

Some medical professionals have publicly expressed concern about Covid-19 vaccination because of uncertainty surrounding the medical treatment. Much information about the vaccines is a guessing game since the vaccines have not been on the market for very long and did not go through the normal testing and development processes.

Scientists say some side effects from vaccines and other medicine can take years to manifest, and are only detectable after a large number of people take them. That means the full risk-benefit profile of the Covid-19 vaccines cannot be known for some time.

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