Facebook Censors Link to NY Post Story Exposing BLM Founder’s Home Buying Spree

Facebook is blocking links to a New York Post story that exposes Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors’ controversial recent home buying spree, preventing users from sharing the link publicly or via private message.

The Post article from April 10 is headlined ‘Inside BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors’ million-dollar real estate buying binge’ and reveals how Khan-Cullors, a self-described Marxist, recently purchased four high-end homes for a total of $3.2 million.

As we previously highlighted, one of the homes, a $1.4 million dollar property, is located in Topanga Canyon, California, where the black population is just 1.6 per cent.

Another of the homes, a “custom ranch” located in Georgia, is surrounded by “3.2 rural acres” and features a “private airplane hangar with a studio apartment above it” in addition to an indoor swimming pool.

After one BLM activist called for an investigation into how finances were being used, other prominent figures within BLM threatened legal action against him.

Now Facebook is completely blocking users from posting a link to the original NY Post story in yet another brazen act of partisan censorship.

When attempting to post the link, the user is met with the message, “Your post couldn’t be shared, because this link goes against our Community Standards.”

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People smugglers are using Facebook to promote ‘100% safe’ journeys across the US border: One warns children can only enter America if they’re unaccompanied

Human smuggling networks have been hawking their services on Facebook, guaranteeing illegal entry to America for Central American migrants, including unaccompanied children.

The smugglers, NBC News reported, are charging $8,000 for the ‘100 percent’ safe  voyage which includes a perilous passage through the U.S.-Mexico border that has claimed the lives of many.

The since-deleted messages were posted on public Facebook pages, some which were named ‘Migrants from Various Countries in Mexico’ and ‘Migrants in the Mexico-U.S.A. Border Awaiting Hearing.’

A post written in Spanish promised migrants access to ‘travel to Mexico to the United States. Costs $8,000. 100 percent safe.’

Another read, ‘cross through Matamoros. You walk one hour, after in automobile until you arrive to your relative.’ 

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Facebook ‘corrects’ woman’s complaint vaccine ‘is killing me,’ then she dies

Facebook, which routinely adds its editorial comments to posts with which it disagrees, recently “fact-checked” a woman’s complaint about her reaction to a coronavirus vaccine.

Desiree Penrod, 25, said on Facebook after getting vaccinated in early March: “The vaccine is killing me today. My arm hurts, beyond exhausted, headache, stomach cramps and earaches.”

Penrod also posted: “Multiple people told me that I looked pale today. Yesterday, I was fine but today it’s taking its toll on me.”

Facebook, citing the World Health Organization, added a disclaimer to a post by Penrose, “COVID-19 vaccines go through many tests for safety and effectiveness before they’re approved.”

A week later, Penrod died. Her obituary said she “passed away unexpectedly.”

Facebook’s editorial comment citing the WHO provided a link to the international organization, whose investigation into the origin of COVID-19 has been criticized because of China’s control of it.

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Facebook leaks full names, phone numbers, email addresses, and other info on half a BILLION users

The personal data, including phone numbers and emails, of more than 500 million Facebook users has been leaked online. The social media company claims that the data was obtained through a vulnerability that has since been fixed.

A user in a low-level hacking forum published the personal data of over 533 million Facebook users. The leaked data includes Facebook IDs, full names, phone numbers, email address, and other personal identifiable information. It affects Facebook users from 106 countries, including data on over 33 million users in the US and 11 million users in the UK.

Business Insider verified the authenticity of the leaked data by matching several of known user’s phone numbers to the Facebook IDs listed.

A Facebook spokesperson said that the data was illegally obtained via a vulnerability that was fixed back in 2019. Whether or not the data is a few years old, it could still be used by cybercriminals for identity theft and other scams.

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Facebook, Twitter Campaign Donations Overwhelmingly Go to Democrats on Oversight Panels, Group Finds

A conservative non-profit advocacy group monitoring Big Tech claims almost all Facebook and Twitter employee and committee campaign contributions went to Democrats on House oversight committees.

The Internet Accountability Project (IAP) said in an April 1 statement that, based on campaign finance data compiled by opensecrets.org, Facebook and Twitter (employees and PACs) combined “contributed more than 12 times more money to Democrats (more than $5.5 million) than Republicans (less than $435,000) in 2020.”

The group cited a leading self-proclaimed socialist in the House of Representatives as an example of the extreme bias in favor of Democrats in political giving by employees of the two Internet giants.

“As just one example, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez received a combined $36,346 in 2020 compared to less than $1,950 for all Republicans on the House Oversight Committee combined. Twitter employees did not give a single dollar to Republicans on the Oversight Committee,” IAP said in its statement.

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Facebook says even content “in the voice of Donald Trump” is banned, deletes major interview

Facebook removed a video interview of President Trump with his daughter-in-law Lara Trump, a Fox News contributor. The social media company said that any content representing the “voice” of Donald Trump will not be allowed on Facebook’s main platform and Instagram.

On Tuesday, Lara uploaded a photo on Instagram of her sitting across from the former president, calling on followers to watch the interview that night.

Shortly after posting the image, a Facebook staff sent Trump officials an email warning that content “in the voice of President Trump is not currently allowed on our platforms (including new posts with President Trump speaking).”

The email further warned that such content “will be removed if posted, resulting in additional limitations on accounts that posted it.”

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The New Normal “Reality” Police

The point is, apparently, the Corporatocracy feel sufficiently threatened by random people on Facebook that they are conducting these COINTELPRO-type ops. Seriously, think about that for a minute. I am not Stephen King or Margaret Atwood. I’m not even Glenn Greenwald or Matt Taibbi. I’m a midlist-level author of unusual literature, and a political satirist, and a blogger, basically, and yet Facebook, and their partners at the Atlantic Council, and AstraZeneca, and Pfizer, and Moderna, and who knows which other global corporations and transnational, non-governmental entities like the WEF and WHO, consider someone of my lowly status enough of a threat to their “New Normal” narrative to warrant the attention of the Reality Police.

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Facebook Scrubs Shooting Suspect Ahmad Al Issa’s Profile, Previously Revealed He’s Devout Muslim

Facebook has removed all access to the Facebook profile believed to belong to Ahmad Al Issa, the person identified by police as the King Soopers shooting suspect who killed 10 in the Boulder, Colorado shooting. Screen shots of the Facebook page taken by Twitter users reveal that Al Issa was a devout Muslim who believed in conspiracy theories.

Ahmad Al Issa’s profile was abruptly removed from the website, internet archive websites including the Archive.is and the Wayback machine, and Google’s cache nearly simultaneously.

On March 16, 2019, Al Issa shared a conspiracy theory that there was more than one shooter involved in the horrific Christchurch Mosque Shooting that occurred in New Zealand.

Similarly, Al Issa believed he was under attack from “racist Islamophobic people” who were “hacking” his smartphone. “Yeah if these racist islamophobic people would stop hacking my phone and let me have a normal life I probably could,” wrote Al Issa on June 5, 2019.

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Facebook Scrubs Page Showing Supermarket Shooter Was Anti-Trump, Pro-Refugee Activist

Facebook scrubbed a page belonging to Boulder supermarket shooter Ahmad Al-Issa that revealed the gunman was anti-Trump and had promoted pro-refugee, anti-Islamophobia activism.

Al-Issa was arrested after killing 10 people, including a police officer, during a rampage inside the King Soopers grocery store yesterday afternoon.

Al-Issa, who was born in Syria and migrated to the United States, made posts in 2018 in which he stated, “Trump is such a dick,” while blaming “racism” for his 2016 victory.

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