What You Always Wanted to Know About the Decision to Attack Iraq, but Were Afraid to Ask

Consortium News published this trilogy yesterday.

1 — 

JOE LAURIA: Powell & Iraq—How One Resignation May Have Stopped the Disastrous Invasion
July 18, 2020 

2 —

SCOTT RITTER: Powell & Iraq—Regime Change, Not Disarmament: The Fundamental Lie
July 18, 2020 

3 —

RAY MCGOVERN: Powell & Iraq—The Uses and Abuses of National Intelligence Estimates
July 18, 2020 

Trump Secretly Authorized CIA To Run “Very Aggressive” Cyberwar Ops With No Oversight

A bombshell new investigative report in Yahoo News could shed light on the recent spate of ‘mystery’ blasts rocking strategic Iranian sites like Natanz nuclear plant and ballistic missile bases. 

The report details that in 2018 President Trump issued a ‘secret authorization’ essentially allowing a ‘gloves off’ approach by US intelligence agencies in conducting cyber warfare against Iran and other so-called rogue states:

The Central Intelligence Agency has conducted a series of covert cyber operations against Iran and other targets since winning a secret victory in 2018 when President Trump signed what amounts to a sweeping authorization for such activities, according to former U.S. officials with direct knowledge of the matter.

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