Cori Bush surpasses $300K spent on private security as she continues calls to defund the police

Rep. Cori Bush poured tens of thousands of dollars more into private security during the first quarter of 2022, pushing her security bills to more than $300,000 as she continues calls to defund the police. 

The Missouri Democrat’s campaign reported spending $70,489 on security services between Jan. 1 and March 31, Federal Election Commission filings show. The payments include $50,489 to Peace Security, $15,000 to Cortney Merrits and $5,000 to Nathaniel Davis.

Bush’s newest security checks follow the $233,663 her committee spent on the services in 2021, FEC records show. She has now paid out $304,152 for security this election cycle. 

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‘Squad’ Member Livid Over Rittenhouse Decision — Throws a Huge Woke Tantrum

Congresswoman and Squad member Cori Bush (D-MO) accused the judge in Kyle Rittenhouse’ trial of promoting “white supremacy” after ruling that the men shot in the incident cannot be referred to as “victims” by either the defense or prosecutors.

Judge Bruce Schroeder of the Kenosha County Circuit Court justified his decision for banning the word “victim” on grounds that it is a “loaded word.” Rittenhouse’s defense team is permitted to refer to the (all white) men he shot as “arsonist,” “looter,” or “rioter” if evidence exists to support those labels.

Responding to news of the decision, Bush labelled Rittenhouse as being a “white supremacist,” and said that the ruling was proof of “how deeply rooted white supremacy is.” She added that the “injustice system [doesn’t] value Black lives,” and hailed those who were shot as “victims” who stood up for Black lives. She seemed to indicate that the individuals who were shot should be proud to consider themselves rioters, looters, and arsonists.

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Cori Bush defends calling to defund the police while having private security: ‘You would rather me die?’

Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., was ripped by viewers on Thursday after telling CBS News that the police “need” to be defunded, despite shelling out thousands of dollars for her own personal security detail.

Bush slept outside the Capitol this week to protest the end of the first eviction moratorium that was put in place because of the coronavirus pandemic. The representative was once homeless herself. She and Democratic leaders celebrated a short-term victory on Wednesday after the moratorium was extended to early October, albeit in a constitutionally dubious fashion.

But in recent days Bush has been called hypocritical for spending $70,000 on private security while pushing to defund the police. CBS anchor Vladimir Duthiers asked Bush to respond to the criticism.

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HATE HOAX?: Rep. Cori Bush Posts ‘White Supremacist’ Hate Message It Appears She Wrote Herself

Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) has received praise from left-wing activists for a Twitter thread composed of hateful messages she claims to have received from “white supremacists.” However, several sharp-eyed Twitter users noticed that one of the images posted by Bush appears to have been screenshot from an unsubmitted “Meeting / Event Request” form on Bush’s website, making it unlikely that such a message was actually sent to Bush from a “white supremacist.”

“White supremacists wanted me dead before I came to Congress,” Bush proclaimed on Twitter. “And white supremacist threats on my life have only intensified as a Black woman speaking truth in the halls of power. Just know: They won’t stop us. They can’t.” Bush then added a trigger warning for “TW: white supremacist violence.”

The screenshot features the sentences “kill a politician (wishing)cori” and “How are you a worthless piece of sh*t” written on a meeting request from Bush’s website. Curiously, the screenshot is identical to how an unsubmitted request form appears on Bush’s website, complete with red asterisks that denote which fields are required to be filled in.

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