NY mom arrested after she lets her 10-yr-old get a tattoo, but puberty blockers and breast removal is A-OK?

Does your young child want to take life-altering hormones? No problem. Would the kid like to remove her breasts or his testicles? New York state has got you covered. But God forbid you let your 10-year-old get a tattoo. That will get your kids snatched by Child Protective Services (CPS) and you’ll end up in handcuffs.

That’s the lesson learned by Crystal Thomas, 33, who was arrested for endangering the welfare of a child after she allowed her son to get a tattoo from an amateur artist in the motel room in which she and her two children were staying, the Daily Mail reports.

Following her arrest, Thomas was released on an appearance ticket, but it is unclear if her children have been returned to her.

The tattoo, which Lloyd Police Chief James Janso told the Daily Mail measures “around six to eight inches in length,” was “not a professional job.”

Thomas’s son discovered that the man in the neighboring room of the Highland Motel, located near Poughkeepsie, was doing tattoos and he wanted one.

Mom allegedly gave him permission, and he came back with his name emblazoned in block letters on his inner forearm.

Police were called by the school resource officer after the young boy went to the school nurse to get Vaseline to apply over the fresh ink.

According to Janso, the nature of the mother’s relationship with the tattoo artist is unknown, and the man has since left the motel, which caters to guests who are only interested in “transient stays.”

Lloyd Police Department investigators are currently following up on leads in an attempt to hunt the artist down.

Now, it is unlikely that many would support Thomas’s decision to let her kid get tattooed for life by a guy in the room next door, but the astounding hypocrisy of actions against her in a state that prides itself on offering the so-called “gender-affirming care” of minors has not been missed by users on Twitter.

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