CNN Medical Analyst Demands Biden “Further Restrict the Activities of the Unvaccinated”

CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen has demanded Joe Biden “further restrict the activities of the unvaccinated,” while Dr. Vin Gupta told MSNBC the unjabbed should be put at the back of the queue for medical treatment.

Brushing aside evidence out of South Africa and the UK confirming the Omicron variant is mild and causes significantly fewer hospitalisations, Wen asserted, “I think what we will see with Omicron is a very large number of infections due to Covid-19.”

Wen said the vaccinated would probably cope well with Omicron, before going on to scapegoat the unjabbed.

“I do have a lot of concern about what happens to parts of this country, for example, that have very low vaccination rates,” she said. “This is another reason why I think President Biden’s message yesterday was the right one in some way — in saying vaccinated people should move on with their lives with precautions. But I wish that he would go further to restrict the activities of the unvaccinated because they are the ones who are still spreading COVID and prolonging the pandemic for all of us.”

Wen has been on a personal crusade against the unvaccinated since almost as soon as the jab became available.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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