QAnon adherents descend on Ghislaine Maxwell trial, upset Trump’s name came up in testimony

QAnon followers rushed to former President Donald Trump’s defense after Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime pilot named him and several other prominent VIPs as passengers on the “Lolita Express” private plane during testimony Tuesday at Ghislaine Maxwell’s criminal sex trafficking trial.

Maxwell is accused of recruiting and grooming young girls who were then sexually abused by Epstein and his friends for decades. She has denied all the charges and says she’s being punished for Epstein’s crimes.

While pilot Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr. testified he flew Trump as well as former President Bill Clinton , Bill Gates, and Prince Andrew on Epstein’s private Boeing jet, he did not implicate the men in Epstein’s alleged dirty deeds.

That did not seem to matter to faithful QAnon followers, who went online to defend Trump after Visoski name-dropped him under oath.

The group has closely watched the developments in the case, claiming it provides proof that Maxwell not only aided and abetted Epstein but also that their involvement lends credibility to the conspiracy theory that there is a Satanic pedophile cabal made up of powerful Democrats, celebrities, and business owners.

The problem is that Trump is central to the QAnon narrative that believes he will expose the group of pedophiles to the world, leading to their arrest and ultimate execution. 

Having Trump called out in court as someone who has flown on the “Lolita Express” and has ties and pictures with Epstein caused members of the radical group to air their disdain on Telegram, an online encrypted messaging platform.

One user identified by Newsweek as Qtah wrote: “If you’re paying attention to the media, right now they are attempting to turn the trial of Ghiaslaine Maxwell into the trial of President Trump. These moves always backfire on them.” Qtah, who has more than 128,430 subscribers, added that there was no evidence Trump flew on the plane.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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