The Antidote To Tyranny Is Liberty, Not Democracy Or International Government

Political language manipulates political debate. Abortion opponents who define themselves as “pro-life” semantically render abortion proponents as “pro-death.” Abortion supporters who define themselves as “pro-choice” semantically render any opposition as “anti-choice.” Who wants to be “pro-death” or “anti-choice,” after all? Such is the nature of politics. Words are weapons: when wielded deftly, they shape the battlespace for our minds.

So what does it mean when Western leaders these days speak so much of democracy but so little of individual rights? Or that they preach the virtues of international institutions, while demonizing nationalism as xenophobic and dangerous? It means that national sovereignty and natural, inviolable rights are under direct attack throughout the West.

It has become rather common for European and American politicians to divide the world between “democratic” and “authoritarian” nations, the former described as possessing inherent goodness and the latter declaimed as threatening the planet’s very existence. Of course, after two-plus years of COVID-19-related mask, vaccine and travel mandates, often imposed in the West through unilateral executive or administrative action — and not through legislative will or public referendum — it is somewhat difficult to assert that democratic nations are free from authoritarian impulse.

When presidents and prime ministers make and enforce their own laws under the pretext of “emergency powers,” then citizens should not be surprised when their leaders discover an endless supply of “emergencies” requiring urgent action. Should that truth be in any doubt, one need only look to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s iron-fisted decision to quell truckers’ peaceful Freedom Convoy protests against experimental vaccine mandates earlier this year by confiscating bank accounts and effecting forceful arrests with little regard for due process or respect for Canadians’ free speech. Trudeau’s declared “emergency” trumped Canadian citizens’ personal rights.

It is also true that democracy in and of itself is no guarantee for a noble and just society. In a properly functioning democracy of one hundred citizens, fifty-one can vote to deny the other forty-nine property, liberty, and even life. Should a member of the minority find himself enslaved to the state or slated for execution simply because the majority wish it so, he will not be singing the praises of democracy while his neck is squeezed within the noose.

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On Conscious Liberation: Postulating Liberty as a Universal Concept

It is a false assumption that Liberty is merely a political concept. True Liberty is a universal concept. To embrace Liberty, ones inherent freedoms as a human being, is to embrace liberation from that which constrains you. This concept can be applied beyond the physical political sphere, to the mind and soul as well.

Thus the truest form of Liberty is conscious liberation. Breaking free from the dogmatic systems keeping us bound to archaic ways of being that exist as a self-fulfilling prophecy of our own enslavement, and holding us back from our true potential.

These systems constitute what can be referred to as “the Matrix” — the Web of lies, falsehoods, and arbitrary constructs that keep us ensnared in this trap. Breaking The Matrix, thus aiding in ones conscious liberation, means identifying the beliefs and behaviors that perpetuate human suffering and hinder our next evolutionary step through enabling these toxic cycles, and exiting them.

Some of these falsehoods and constructs are easier to identify than others. Such as the false left vs right paradigm, and similar narratives perpetuated for divide-and-conquer agendas. In truth there is no left versus right, white versus black, religious versus atheist, man versus woman, or you versus me, etc.

These ideas dividing people on the basis of political leaning, nationality, race, religion, or gender are all constructs creating a false dichotomy; labels designed to keep us separated from one another, manufacturing an opposition that isn’t really there to serve as a distraction for those in positions of power who benefit from distortion, and division.

The only true “enemy” if such a term is even truly applicable are predators who abuse and exploit the innocent.

Recognizing these aforementioned constructs are easy enough when one finally realizes the role that discord and disorder plays in maintaining a perpetual state of organized chaos; such as permanent war, the constant erosion of civil liberties, etcetera.

But some of these constructs are more subtle, harder to identify, and even more difficult to break because of how they have been deeply ingrained in human civilization and the collective consciousness of the masses. Organized in such a way that many cannot fathom the concept of existing outside of them.

Statism is at the forefront of these archaic ideals.

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