Ukrainian ‘Dirty Bomb’ Threat is Real, Up to West Whether They Want to Believe It or Not: Kremlin

On Sunday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu warned his French, UK, US, and Turkish counterparts that Kiev may be preparing a false flag dirty bomb attack on its own territory to accuse Moscow of using weapons of mass destruction. Western officials and officials in Kiev have dismissed the warning.

The threat of Ukraine using a “dirty bomb” is real, and it’s up to Western countries whether they want to believe in the danger or not, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said.

“The fact that they do not trust the information which was provided by the Russian side does not mean that the threat of the use of such a dirty bomb ceases to exist. The threat is present. This information was brought to the attention of the [Russian] defense minister’s interlocutors. It’s up to them whether they want to believe it or not,” Peskov told journalists in a briefing Monday.

Separately on Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov indicated that Moscow was preparing to raise the issue of Kiev’s possible preparations to use a dirty bomb at the United Nations. The Russian top diplomat emphasized that Moscow’s information on this matter is not an empty claim, and that the Foreign Ministry has information on Ukraine-based institutes capable of creating such arms.

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Are the crew members of 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger still alive?

Friends, wrap your head with duct tape (to prevent it from exploding). It’s Down-the-Rabbit-Hole time!

If you’re age 40 years or older, you’d probably remember January 28, 1986.

That was day of the Challenger disaster, when the NASA Space Shuttle orbiter Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into its flight over the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Cape Canaveral, Florida at 11:38 EST. All seven crew members were killed, including five NASA astronauts and two payload specialists.

Millions of Americans (17% of the total population) watched the launch live on TV because of Payload Specialist Christa McAuliffe, the first teacher in space. Media coverage of the explosion was extensive: one study reported that 85% of Americans surveyed had heard the news within an hour of the accident.

We were told that Challenger disintegrated because of a malfunctioning O-ring seal in its right solid rocket booster. The O-ring failure caused a breach in the SRB joint it sealed, allowing pressurized burning gas from within the solid rocket motor to reach the outside and impinge upon the adjacent SRB aft field joint attachment hardware and external fuel tank, leading to the structural failure of the external tank. Aerodynamic forces broke up the orbiter.

The crew compartment and many other vehicle fragments were eventually recovered from the ocean floor after a lengthy search and recovery operation. The exact timing of the death of the crew is unknown; several crew members are known to have survived the initial breakup of the spacecraft. But the shuttle had no escape system, and the impact of the crew compartment with the ocean surface was too violent to be survivable.

The disaster resulted in a 32-month hiatus in NASA’s shuttle program and the formation of the Rogers Commission, a special commission appointed by then President Ronald Reagan to investigate the accident. The commission found NASA’s organizational culture and decision-making processes had been key contributing factors to the accident.

These are the names of Challenger’s 7 crew members:

  1. Francis Richard Scobee, Commander
  2. Michael J. Smith, Pilot
  3. Ronald McNair, Mission Specialist
  4. Ellison Onizuka, Mission Specialist
  5. Judith Resnik, Mission Specialist
  6. Gregory Jarvis, Payload Specialist
  7. Christa McAuliffe, Payload Specialist

But wait!

What if someone were to tell you that most, if not all, of Challenger’s 7 crew members are still alive and thriving in their new professions, contrary to what we’ve been told?

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Was the Bust of “White Supremacists” at Idaho LGBTQ Pride Event Another FBI False Flag Operation to Boost J6 “Insurrection” Narrative?

On Saturday, June 11, officers of the Coeur d’Alene Police Department and Kootenai County (Idaho) Sheriff’s Office made a dramatic bust of a U-Haul truck filled with uniformed “white supremacists” who, reportedly, intended to cause a riot at an “LGBTQ Pride” event. However, that is only part of the story. It appears that the primary intent of those arrested (virtually all of whom were out-of-state actors) was to barge in uninvited and associate themselves with Christian groups that were carrying out a peaceful, prayerful counter-demonstration to the LGBTQ event at a different nearby park. The story of the arrests immediately went viral with sensational headlines, photos, and video footage tailored to fit the relentless media theme of red states as dangerous bastions of right-wing, racist, Trumpist, homophobic extremism. In this article we will be reporting on the story behind the headlines, the lessons that this incident provides, and the warning it signals about similar events that are likely in store for us in the future.

As the Nancy Pelosi/Liz Cheney dog-and-pony hoax known as the House Select Committee on January 6 revved up in June, patriots across the country went on alert, concerned that provocations might be cooked up to justify the committee’s ongoing “investigation” and to boost the Pelosi-Cheney narrative that “white nationalism” is running rampant in the republic. This is not the result of patriot paranoia; there is good reason to be concerned that agents provocateurs from the Antifa/BLM Left or the FBI (or both) would create violent incidents that the Fake News media would exploit to further demonize conservatives and advance the “progressive” police-state agenda. After all, it is not like this has never happened before. There is ample evidence that FBI operatives played enough key roles in the Capitol melee of January 6, 2021 to warrant the suspicion that it was a “Fedsurrection” rather than the “insurrection” the media bloviators and political hacks would have us believe it was.

Remember too that the FBI’s man in charge of its Washington, D.C., office at the time of the “insurrection” (and still serving in that capacity) is Steven D’Antuono, the same FBI official who orchestrated and oversaw the phony kidnapping plot of Michigan’s radical Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, by a “militia” group composed almost completely of the FBI’s own agents or its paid informants. That FBI operation culminated in sensational arrests just three weeks before the 2020 presidential election, conveniently timed to provide the Biden campaign and its media collaborators with ammunition to blast Donald Trump 24/7 with accusations that he was encouraging and inspiring terrorism and insurrection. It couldn’t have been more advantageously concocted to aid the Democrats if it had been scripted by the Democratic National Committee. And perhaps it was, since, as the recent history of the Trump and Biden administrations shows, the DNC and the DOJ/FBI work together seamlessly. And even though the trials of the “Whitmer kidnap plot” have, thus far, ended in acquittals for the defendants on grounds of entrapment and have exposed gross criminal abuse and conspiracy by the FBI, it has been almost completely ignored by the daily outrage lobby of the controlled media. Thus, the DNC/DOJ/FBI cabal undoubtedly feels emboldened to continue with impunity these criminal operations against the American people.

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Belarus Claims Alleged Russian War Crimes Were Staged by Britain

Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko has accused Britain of staging a “psychological operation” in Bucha, Ukraine, where Russia has been accused of committing war crimes after reports and pictures emerged of mass graves of people allegedly killed by Russian forces.

Appearing at the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the far Eastern Amur Oblast region of Russia, Lukashenko claimed to have provided his chief ally, Vladimir Putin, with evidence that the events in Bucha were staged by the British.

“Today we’ve discussed this special operation of theirs in detail – a psychological operation staged by Englishmen,” the Belarusian strongman said according to the state news agency Belta.

“Together with our Russian friends we have gotten to the bottom of this nasty and disgusting position of the West from the first hour to the last one,” he added.

Lukashenko did not offer up any evidence of the claim that Bucha was staged by the UK, but said that Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) could provide “addresses, passwords, places of secret meetings, plate numbers and brands of the vehicles those people used to come to Bucha and how they did it.”

Vladimir Putin, for his part, also claimed that Bucha was staged, claiming that it was a “false flag”, comparing it to chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

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The US And Ukraine Have Every Reason To Lie About The War

The Washington Post has a new article out titled “Intelligence points to heightened risk of Russian chemical attack in Ukraine, officials say,” and I challenge you to find me any Russian state media with two opening paragraphs that are more brazenly propagandistic and bereft of journalistic ethics than these:

“The United States and its allies have intelligence thatRussia may be preparing to use chemical weapons against Ukraine, U.S. and European officials saidFriday, as Moscow sought to invigorate its faltering military offensive through increasingly brutal assaults across multiple Ukrainian cities.


“Security officials and diplomats said the intelligence, which they declined to detail, pointed to possible preparations by Russia for deploying chemical munitions, and warned the Kremlin may seek to carry out a ‘false-flag’ attack that attempts to pin the blame on Ukrainians, or perhaps Western governments. The officials, like others quoted in this story, spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the matter.”

So Russia is preparing to stage a chemical attack, and also the Russian chemical attack might look like Ukrainians or western governments committing a chemical attack, and also the evidence for this is secret, and also the details are secret, and also the government officials advancing this claim are secret, and also Russia’s military offensive is faltering. Gotcha.

The third paragraph is even better:

“The accusations surfaced as Russia repeated claims that the United States and Ukraine were operating secret biological weapons labs in Eastern Europe — an allegation that the Biden administration dismissed as ‘total nonsense’ and ‘outright lies.’”

This paragraph is awesome in two different ways. First, it’s awesome because The Washington Post goes out of its way to inform readers that Russia’s claims have been dismissed as “total nonsense” and “outright lies” after having literally just reported completely unevidenced claims by anonymous government officials with no criticism or scrutiny of any kind. Secondly, it’s awesome because at no point during the rest of the article is any mention made of Victoria Nuland’s incendiary admission before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that Ukraine has “biological research facilities” that the US is “quite concerned” might end up “falling into the hands of Russian forces”.

Over and over again throughout the article The Washington Post takes great care to inform readers that Russian claims about biological weapons are not to be trusted, with allegations from Moscow described as “unproven accusations” made with “no verifiable evidence“, “absurd and laughable“, “outrageous claims”, “utter nonsense”, “sinking to new depths” and “baseless“.

This, again, after uncritically reporting completely unsubstantiated allegations by government officials and sheltering them from any accountability by granting them the cover of anonymity. Unproven claims by the Russian government are laughable absurdities presented without evidence; unproven claims by the US government are just The News.

The Washington Post also refers to past Russian dismissals of alleged chemical weapons attacks in Syria as false flags used to frame Damascus, while of course making no mention of the mountains of evidence that this has indeed occurred. It also says the UN human rights office “has received ‘credible reports’ of Russia using cluster bombs” which “could constitute war crimes”, making no mention of the USA’s abundant use and sale of these same munitions.

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Witness Exposes Ukrainian Army False Flag Operation in Donbass

Recently, western political leaders and mainstream media have begun injecting a new talking point into their anti-Russian and wartime discourse: that Russia is planning an endless series of ‘false flag attacks.’

Never mind the fact that, historically speaking, Russia has no visible track record of false flag operations.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for either the US and Britain – both have an extremely long list of military and political deceptions which they’ve used to start and prolong various wars around the world.

Currently, in the Donbass region, formerly in eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are firing indiscriminately into civilian towns and villages – and then attempting to blame their own violent actions on Russia. The shelling of civilian areas has been going on continuous there since the civil war began in 2014. This is extremely worrying, because in the current anti-Russian western media ecosystem, any accusations leveled at Russia are never questioned, before being beamed across all western global news networks. And that is exactly what is happening right now with mainstream media coverage in Ukraine.

Independent journalist Patrick Lancaster is on the ground in Donbass region in the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics, and has recently interviewed local witnesses who have confirmed these very war crimes, carried out by NATO-backed Ukrainian Army and their Nazi-Azov Battalions.

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