Scientists Say Loch Ness Monster Might Actually Be Real After New Fossil Discovery

According to scientists, the hypothesis that a so-called Loch Ness Monster could have existed in the Scottish Highlands may not be as absurd as previously thought.

A plesiosaur—a prehistoric reptile with a long, slender neck—may have previously been in Loch Ness, a Scottish lake, according to new research from the University of Bath published on July 21 in the journal Cretaceous Research. Based on their discoveries, they say that the legend of the Loch Ness monster might not actually be fictional.

The statement follows the discovery of plesiosaur fossils in a 100 million-year-old river system in Morocco’s Sahara Desert, suggesting that the reptiles may have lived in freshwater as well as seawater, contrary to earlier theories.

Similar to concerns about Big Foot, scientists have typically always condemned the idea that the Loch Ness monster might genuinely exist. The debunkers have frequently argued that plesiosaurs, which resemble the supposed creature’s popular depiction, could not exist in the freshwater lake because scientists thought they needed a saltwater environment to survive.

However, these new fossils indicate plesiosaurs could’ve actually existed where the legend of the Loch Ness Monster lives because they were found in a freshwater river. The paper suggests that plesiosaurs adapted to tolerate freshwater and that many may have spent the majority of their lives in it. 

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Oklahoma Bigfoot Bounty Balloons to $3 Million for First to Capture Sasquatch

The Oklahoma lawmaker who created a controversial cash prize for the first person to capture a living Sasquatch in the state announced that the proverbial Bigfoot bounty has been increased to a staggering $3 million. State Representative J.J. Humphrey made the declaration during a session of the Oklahoma legislature on Wednesday as he was providing his colleagues with an update on the audacious idea which he first suggested as a Bigfoot hunting season back in January. “Who knew that that would go international and that we would gain so much attention,” he marveled at the worldwide headlines that followed his initial proposal.

Since that time, the concept has transformed into a plan wherein applicants could get ‘tracking licenses’ from the state’s tourism department with the express knowledge that they are not to kill Bigfoot, but can capture it alive and, if they do, they win the enormous cash prize. “We have started what may be the biggest promotion in the state of Oklahoma ever,” Humphrey proclaimed to the legislature, “this is turning out to be huge.” The lawmaker also noted that the attention surrounding the state’s strange embrace of Bigfoot has already brought dividends as a documentary crew had journeyed to Oklahoma to film a series on the famed cryptid.

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Russian Politician Reveals Role in Staging Siberian Yeti Sightings to Attract Tourists

A Russian politician who once presided over parts of Siberia has revealed that he had a hand in hoaxing Yeti sightings in the hopes of drawing tourists to the area. Aman Tuleyev, former governor of the Kemerovo Region of the country recounted the remarkable tale this past Thursday on his Instagram account. Responding to the question of whether or not a Yeti still roamed the remote area he once governed, the politician first noted that legends of the creature have long circulated among hunters in the Shoria Mountains and that he had once made a journey of his own to the location in search of the cryptid. That said, Tuleyev then made a rather surprising confession: “it was I who fueled interest in the Yeti.”

Specifically, the former governor said that attempts to turn the region, which is ideal for skiing, into a tourist destination had proven fairly successful with over a million people visiting each year. However, Tuleyev argued to one of his subordinates that “this is not enough” and proposed that they declare a resort town in the Shoria Mountains to be “the homeland of Yeti.” The idea was apparently well received as the community quickly set about putting it into action. They not only announced an official ‘Bigfoot Day’ which just so happened to coincide with the start of ski season, but also offered a one million ruble reward (approximately $13,000) for anyone who could catch the creature.

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Bigfoot Researcher in Alabama Arrested for Attempted Murder

In a troubling story out of Alabama, a Bigfoot researcher has been arrested for attempted murder after allegedly shooting at a sleeping man. The unsettling incident reportedly occurred earlier this month when, authorities say, Gwendolyn Michelle Jones “shot a Ruger LCP .380 handgun multiple times” at an unnamed individual while he was asleep in his bed. According to court records, “once the victim awoke, he witnessed Jones standing across the room holding the pistol. She then fired additional rounds while standing in the hallway.” Fortunately, it would appear that the man escaped the situation unscathed as Jones was subsequently arrested by police and charged with attempted murder, attempted first-degree domestic violence, and first-degree criminal trespassing.

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