Disgraced Cop Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Boys at ‘Youth Special Forces’ Camp He Started at Church

When the parents of children at the MorningStart Fellowship Church heard about a youth program for boys started by a police officer, they likely felt their children would be learning how to become men and that they would be protected. Unfortunately, however, it was the exact opposite, and their children were preyed on and exploited by the very person they thought would do the protecting.

In a shocking revelation, a now-former Cornelius police officer has been accused of exploiting his position within a local church to sexually assault multiple young boys. Erickson Douglas Lee, 25, who was once an active member of MorningStar Fellowship Church, reportedly turned himself in to authorities on May 2nd.

The church’s safety coordinator, Nate Degranpre, alerted the York County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) after receiving complaints from concerned parents. The allegations against Lee stem from a program he founded in 2018, dubbed the ‘Young Special Forces.’ Lee pitched the program as a leadership school designed to teach young men valuable skills and foster team-building habits. Instead of teaching them skills, however, he was sexually preying on them.

The narrative took a sinister turn when, in early 2020, Lee allegedly began hosting parties for at least four juveniles, during which he provided them with alcohol and engaged in sexual acts. These incidents are said to have taken place at Lee’s Fort Mill residence and other locations.

According to the investigation, Lee lured the unsuspecting parents by claiming that he wanted to take their children for leadership exercises or camping trips. Instead, he took the minors to various places both within and outside York County, including the MorningStar Church. Lee’s status as a police officer likely helped him garner the trust of the boys’ parents. Unfortunately, that trust was extremely misplaced.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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