MakerDAO co-founder found dead after CIA sex trafficking tweets

MakerDAO co-founder Nicolai Arcadie Muchgian was found in Puerto Rico, according to multiple sources citing a police headquarters report. The 29-year-old cryptocurrency developer reportedly died early Friday after being swept away by ocean currents on a beach in Condado. But some of his tweets prior to the incident suggest there was more to his death than the public realises.

MakerDAO co-founder dies after tangled tweets

Muchgian’s mysterious death comes a day after he tweeted about sex trafficking and blackmail ring being perpetrated by CIA, Mossad and Pedo elites from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands. “They’re going to pin me a laptop that my ex-girlfriend who was a spy planted. They will torture me to death,” Muchgian tweeted.

In a tweet in September, Muchgian said that three possible futures for him are “CIA suicide, CIA brain damage slave fortune, is the worst nightmare of people who’ve screwed me so far, I’m sure those are the only options.”

Muchgian tweeted multiple times about death threats and elaborate attempts by the so-called CIA and the above groups to frame him. While it’s unclear what connection the cryptocurrency developer had to the groups, a tweet he made using his personal account said that he — Muchgian — “was a threat to the central bank cartel.”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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