Babylon Bee CEO: Liberals decide what’s allowed, Big Tech enforces their rules through terms of service

Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon believes that suppression of conservative thought has picked up in recent months, and he isn’t quite sure of the cause, but feels liberals are “redefining what’s true” and Big Tech is enforcing their ideology through terms of service agreements. 

“I don’t know if it’s due to the midterms, I think they’re just getting more aggressive with making their own ideology into these terms of service,” Dillon told Fox News Digital at CPAC Texas.  

“We’re looking at Big Tech’s stance on hateful conduct, for example. They’re putting their ideology into the terms. They’re saying you can’t misgender, you can’t deadname. Now, you can’t say things like the word groomer to describe behavior,” Dillon continued. “Even if you think it is, in fact, grooming behavior. It’s considered a slur… they’re protecting their own.” 

The Babylon Bee CEO said the left has their “sacred cows” that they protect at all costs, and the practice has been ramping up for some time. While he’s not sure if the midterms are a factor, Dillon notes that it’s happened around elections in the past, too. 

“Remember the Hunter Biden laptop story? A lot of willingness to do what they can to suppress information that they think will be damaging to their side. Maybe that is playing a role,” he said. “But I think it’s just the natural progression of where they’re taking things. They’ve decided they know what’s good and what’s right and what’s true. They’re redefining what’s true.” 

Dillon believes that once liberals determine what’s acceptable, their Big Tech allies enforce the rules through their terms of service agreements. As a result, comedy is often deemed improper or offensive.

“The fact that comedy is suffering, right now, where the left is like, unwilling to make fun of jokes, they’re basically kind of tiptoeing around these issues that you shouldn’t joke about. The wokeness thing. Joe Rogan recently said that woke s—t is the funniest s—t right now,” Dillon said. “The reason why the Babylon Bee is funny is because we’re willing to make fun of that.”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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