CIA should respond to speculation regarding human trafficking, Jeffrey Epstein

During episode #1850 of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” released on July 29, podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan made a powerful claim about convicted, and now deceased, sexual abuser and trafficker of women and children, Jeffrey Epstein.

Rogan said, “Whoever was running it — whether it was the Mossad, or whether it was CIA, or whether it was a combination of both — it was an intelligence operation. They were bringing in people and compromising them.”

This statement gained national media attention, and I thought to myself, “Has anyone ever asked the CIA directly whether Epstein was involved with it?”

The question isn’t beyond the pale, and many have considered the idea both publicly and privately over the years. Eric Weinstein, physicist, podcaster, and managing director of Thiel Capital, has repeatedly asked about connections between Jeffrey Epstein and intelligence communities.

“It’s been about 20 years that I have been saying Epstein was a construct of the intelligence community,” Weinstein tweeted on August 2 in response to the New York Post article about Rogan’s statement. “I want to know if I have been wrong for two decades. What I do know is that I have never seen a single story directly debunking this. Which, if you think about it …”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

Seeker of rabbit holes. Pessimist. Libertine. Contrarian. Your huckleberry. Possibly true tales of sanity-blasting horror also known as abject reality. Prepare yourself. Veteran of a thousand psychic wars. I have seen the fnords. Deplatformed on Tumblr and Twitter.

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