JFK Assassination Records: Lawyer Sues National Archives, Working on a Complaint Against Biden

A lawyer has filed a lawsuit against the National Archives in an attempt to obtain the underlying correspondence and memos relating to the decisions of Presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden to postpone the release of the JFK records, six decades after the event.

The move comes after Biden released a memorandum in October 2021 authorizing another withholding of the records.

The one spearheading this attempt to gain information about the national security threats that these records allegedly pose is attorney Larry Schnapf, who has been interested in the assassination since he was a child.

Schnapf told The Epoch Times that in February, the government singled out 5,700 pages relevant to his request and will be sending them to him in 250-page batches.

He received part of the first tranche last week. Some of it is redacted, something that he plans to challenge legally.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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