US Army & State Officials Facilitated Torturous Child Sex Ring by Ignoring Dozens of Complaints for a Decade

The US Army and the state of Arizona facilitated through inaction, a decade-long child sex abuse ring ran by a top civilian commander, David Frodsham. According to a report from the Associated Press this week, the Army and the state of Arizona missed or ignored multiple red flags over more than a decade, which allowed Frodsham to abuse his adopted children and other children for years, all the while putting national security at risk.

Before his arrest, Frodsham was the deputy commander of the Fort Huachuca Army base — a position he held after being kicked out of Afghanistan for deviant sexual behavior.

“I would not recommend placing him back into a position of authority but rather pursuing disciplinary actions at his home station,” wrote one commanding officer when recommending that the Army order Frodsham to leave his post at Bagram Airfield for his “deviant sexual behavior,” and return to Fort Huachuca.

Instead of discipline, however, Frodsham rejoined the Network Enterprise Technology Command, the Army’s information technology service provider, where he had served as director of personnel for a global command of 15,000 soldiers and civilians, according to the AP.

While running the child sex ring, the state and the Army overlooked nearly 20 complaints, and attempted complaints, of abuse, neglect, maltreatment and licensing violations that surfaced through Arizona’s foster system. Despite these complaints, the state allowed this monster to continue to foster, adopt and retain custody of their many children who were used in the sex abuse ring.

According to officials, Frodsham’s illicit child sex practices coupled with the fact that he held a top secret clearance, made him a target of of blackmail from foreign intelligence agencies and a vulnerable security risk.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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