CNN Goes to Bizarre Lengths to Defend AOC’s Maskless Florida Romp

The left’s sweetheart and hard-left squad member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is like many leftists in that she’ll demand you act unselfishly and do something massively inconvenient to you because it’s for the greater good, then she’ll go and do the opposite of the thing she demanded of you because she thinks the rules don’t apply to her.

Case in point, AOC was seen partying it up in Miami, Florida with drag queens, and nary a mask was seen. An odd thing considering she’s one of those people who are for some of the toughest restrictions when it comes to COVID-19, including requiring vaccine papers to sit and eat at a restaurant in her district. As my colleague Nick Arama pointed out, this is the same AOC who wanted to vote by proxy on multiple occasions due to fears about the virus.

And like any typical leftist, AOC did what leftists do when called out in public for obvious hypocrisy and attempt to distract from it all by making it about something completely different. In this case, it was about how Republicans are sexually frustrated and that they’re taking their frustrations out on her.

It’s pretty by the book when it comes to AOC, but what about the media?

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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