Media peddling a new ‘climate change’ lie

It is amazing news that there has never been a famine caused by climate change until now.

The lead story on ABC news on Monday, November 1 was a blatant, intentional lie spreading propaganda on climate change to mislead the public. 

It is tremendously sad and dangerous that so much of what is purported to be news today is Democrat talking points used to pass their radical leftist agenda to destroy America. 

But unlike other countries, where extreme hunger and near-famine conditions are caused by war, conflict, or isolated weather events, in this part of Madagascar, the cause is so far unique: southern Madagascar is on the verge of becoming the world’s first climate-change induced near-famine in modern history.

The story itself was newsworthy and sad.  A huge number of children are suffering from hunger due to a five-year drought in Madagascar.  The lie occurred when David Muir said this is the first drought-based famine that has occurred because of climate change and implied that it is being caused by oil and humans.  That is pure BS. 

Anyone who still has a brain knows that droughts and famines throughout history have occurred naturally and cyclically.  They are caused by a lack of rain.  The Earth’s climate has always been subject to change.  How does Muir think so much of the Earth is covered by desert if it weren’t for long droughts? 

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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