Facebook and Google Partner Compiles Report On How to Manipulate People To Get The Vaccine Using Their Reputation, Public Image, Shopping Habits, Religion

A Facebook and Google partner that uses artificial intelligence to compile data from tracking people’s web history has put together a report that outlines ways to mentally program people to get the Coronavirus vaccine. NATIONAL FILE has obtained a copy of the cynical report from Resonate, a company based in Reston, Virginia in the Washington, D.C. area that goes out of its way to denounce “racism” and employs executives who previously worked for the Washington Post, AOL and other corporations. The report is called Moving The Needle: How To Reach The Vaccine-Hesitant And Resistant. The report gives tips on how to manipulate people’s values of “safety,” “reputation and public image,” “social clout,” and even their religion and shopping habits to coerce them to get the vaccine. The report explicitly states, “DRAW THEM TO VACCINATION SITES BASED ON THEIR SHOPPING PREFERENCES.” The report also compiles information on the children of vaccine-hesitant people and vaccine resisters.
Resonate’s listed partners include Facebook and Google. Resonate acknowledges that its data collection allows its clients to “gain a deeper understanding of every consumer who engages with your digital media presence across all platforms including Facebook, Linkedin, etc.” This Facebook and Google partner has used people’s personal information to build an extremely creepy profile of the “Vaccine-Hesitant” community. And Resonate makes it clear that they are tracking people’s “web traffic” in order to build their research. Here are some screenshots from Resonate’s website describing how they get their information from “web traffic” and how they partner with Facebook, Google, Oracle, and others.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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