Cop on Leave After Deliberately Shooting His Own K-9 Partner 3 Times, Killing Him

As TFTP has reported far too many times to count, police officers in America are unafraid of shooting and killing man’s best friend. We’ve reported on cops “fearing for their lives” and shooting dogs on leashes as well as sadistic cops killing tiny pets out of pure spite. Police officer violence against dogs is so extremely common that we’ve even reported on cops beating and choking their own dogs. However — outside of cops leaving their dogs in hot cars until they die — we have never reported on a cop deliberately killing his own K-9 partner, until now.

This week, a Plymouth Police K-9 handler shot and killed his own dog — on purpose. The incident happened when police were preparing the dog to track a suspect when the officer alleged that his K-9 bit him.

Officer Keith Larson said that his K-9 Nico, attacked him and he had no other option but to kill him. Police said Larson attempted to get the dog under control but was unsuccessful so he pulled out his gun and shot the dog “for safety reasons.”

After he killed his own dog, the department asked the public to keep officer Larson in your prayers.

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3 Injured as Cop Opens Fire on Crowded Street to Kill a Dog — Taxpayers Held Liable

As TFTP reported, last December, a Sacramento security guard and an innocent man got early Christmas presents from a California cop in the form of a bullet after the cop tried to kill the innocent man’s dog outside a Safeway grocery store. Now, because the cop was never held accountable for his actions, the taxpayers of Sacramento are footing the bill.

It was reported this week that Kevin Cole — the innocent man whose dog was shot by police and who was hit with the same round — received a $99,000 settlement.

“The city had been working toward a fair and reasonable resolution to this case and feels that was achieved with this settlement,” city spokesman Tim Swanson said in an email to the Sacramento Bee.

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Cop Trespasses on Innocent Family’s Property, Kills Their Beloved Dog for Barking at Him

As frequent readers of the Free Thought Project know, cops have no problem killing family dogs. Innocent people, guilty people, bystanders, even fenced and leashed dogs are not safe from the barrel of a police issued pistol when a cop becomes frightened. Frequent readers also know that cops oftentimes go to the wrong home and harm or kill the innocent people in that home. As the following case illustrates, cops will go to the wrong home and harm or kill a dog too.

The Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office says they are conducting an internal investigation this week after one of their investigators went to the home of Chris Coiner and killed their dog. Coiner had committed no crime and the investigator, James Freeman, was at the wrong address.

According to Coiner, Freeman came onto his property and shot his dog for no other reason than the dog barked at him. While the shooting was not caught on video, the heart breaking aftermath and subsequent scolding of Freeman certainly was.

“Wait right there. What is your name? What’s your name?” Coiner asked the investigator in the video. “I’m investigator Freeman with the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office…I’m looking for Samuel,” Freeman responded.

“At what address?” Coiner asked.

“72 A,” Freeman responded.At that moment, Coiner realized that this incompetent dog murderer was at the wrong house and proceeded to let him have it.

“That’s over there you G****** moron. Get off my property! You shot and killed my dog!”

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Horrifying Video Shows Cops Walk By Dog in Fenced In Yard, Shoot It Through the Fence, Killing It

It is no secret in the United States that cops kill dogs. It happens so often that there is even a term for it. It is called puppycide. For some reason, unlike package delivery drivers, pizza delivery drivers, and postal workers — who interact with countless more dogs than police — cops most often resort to deadly force with man’s best friend. And, as the following case illustrates, it costs the taxpayers dearly.

A deeply disturbing video was shared with the Free Thought Project this week showing Detroit cops walk up to a dog in a fenced in yard and kill it.

According to the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, the footage was caught on a home camera system, as the dog is seen barking through the fence at several officers and their police K-9. When the police K-9 stuck it’s head through the fence, the dog inside the fence — protecting its territory — latched on to the K-9’s muzzle.

The officer’s made no attempt whatsoever to separate the animals and instead one officer pulled out his pistol and shot the dog in the face, killing it. For several moments the dog is seen writhing in agony on the ground in his last minutes alive.

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While Trying to Kill Family’s Dog, LAPD Cop Reportedly Shoots His Partner Instead

According to police, the 33-year-old man was holding a pair of scissors when officers arrived. He was accompanied in the home by his wife, mother-in-law and three small children — and the family’s pet Rottweiler.

Police say that during the response, an officer fired a shot which they suggested was directed at the dog. During the firing, a female officer was struck.

During an encounter, a female officer was struck by gunfire in the wrist, but it is unclear what led to the shooting. At some point, a fire extinguisher was used, apparently to try and control the dog. The officer had residue from the extinguisher on her boots, LAPD Chief Michel Moore said, according to KTLA.

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