‘I knew aliens were real’: Marine’s footage of mystery objects over military base sparks UFO talk

Mystery lights over Camp Wilson in eastern California in 2021 have sparked talk of UFOs two years later after a couple of experts released video of it on their podcast.

Six new videos and two photos were shared by Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp on their podcast “Weaponized.” According to Corbell, he got two phone calls from sources that urged him to look into the mysterious lights and, for two years, his team has been working on finding information.

At least 50 people, including dozens of Marines, witnessed the large objects with lights around their perimeter, his report said. It was in the air for about ten minutes, and military officials dispatched helicopters and trucks to the area. The helicopters remained in the air for approximately three hours.

“They responded big time,” said Corbell of the military intervention.

The Marines recorded videos using smartphones, which Knapp and Corbell released on the podcast. One had the timestamp of 8:29 p.m. PST on April 20, 2021, TMZ first reported.

The podcast’s description says the marines watched as the military fired two flares into the sky, “hoping to illuminate the mysterious craft. However, the craft quickly disappeared before it could be illuminated by the flare.”

The video shows the two flares above the other lights and then falling. From Corbell’s observation, the “craft” lights seem to go out. It’s unclear if that’s the case or the camera couldn’t focus, he confessed.

In the podcast Corbell cited one source saying that the object was “the size of a two-story house and as long as half a football field.”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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