Media Matters’ LGBTQ director accidentally admits book she and Chelsea Clinton want on school shelves is pornographic

Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter to complain that conservatives are asking schools and libraries not to shelve books containing pornography and pornographic themes in children’s sections. 

In Clinton’s view, these books with pornographic content are simply part of the emerging canon of books with “with LGBTQ+ characters & themes.” 

Bans of books like Gender Queer, by trans-identified female author Maia Kobabe, Clinton said, are dangerous for kids who won’t be able to see themselves reflected in their pages. 

In response to Clinton’s tweet, Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon posted photos of pages from Gender Queer, which is the graphically illustrated story of a young girl coming of age, realizing she’d rather be male and experience sex from a male perspective, and then engaging in oral sex with strap-on penises and other kinks.

Dillon also quote tweeted Clinton, saying “Chelsea Clinton has come out in favor of porn for kids.”

In response, Media Matters’ trans-identified LGBTQ Program Director Ari Drennen, accused Dillon of masturbating to gay porn for kids. Dillon then shared some of the content of the Kobabe’s book with Drennen, who said “you just sent me an unsolicited drawing of a blowjob.”

Drennen admitted to Dillon, and to Twitter, that the very book Drennen and Clinton were advocating be made available to children contained drawings of a “blowjob,” which Drennen appeared to find offensive.

“Porn is for DMs and children,” wrote Seth Dillon, summing up Drennen’s view.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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