Louisville Bank Shooter Left Behind Manifesto Detailing 3 Reasons for Rampage: Report

It is now reported that Louisville bank shooter Connor Sturgeon left a disturbing manifesto outlining three key reasons for his killing spree that left five coworkers dead.

The 25-year-old wrote a 13-page screed describing his motives for gunning down his colleagues during their morning conference at the Old National Bank, “a massacre he captured on a deranged Instagram live stream,” the New York Post reported.

The murderer’s treatise reportedly lists three principle goals that served as motivation for the murder spree, addressed here in no particular order.

One was suicide. Sturgeon could easily have achieved this goal without killing anyone else, but he did reportedly list suicide as one of his three motives.

A second goal was to raise awareness regarding mental health issues in America. Sturgeon dealt with depression and anxiety and was taking medication.

A third goal communicated by Sturgeon was to demonstrate how easy it is to purchase a gun in Kentucky.

Observers have noted that Sturgeon was aware that he was about to be fired from the bank, but the veracity of that report is now disputed.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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