The Man Who Touched an Alien at Brazil’s Roswell – Newly Released Forensic Report Shows a Strange Bacteria Killed Him

On January 20, 1996, the incident that has since become known as ‘Brazil’s Roswell’ began when three young women in Varginha, a major metropolitan city in southeastern Brazil, reported seeing an alien being described as having red eyes, a large head with “spots like veins on the skin” and an unsteady bipedal gait that made them think it was injured or sick. This was followed by more reports of aliens, UFO sightings, military presence, witnesses who allegedly filmed aliens being removed from the area, and one young policeman who claimed to have touched one of the extraterrestrials and was infected with a mysterious disease which soon killed him. Details of his experience and death have remained sketchy at best, but documentary filmmaker James Fox managed to finally get detailed reports from witnesses for his 2022 documentary on the Varginha incident called “Moment of Contact.” Fox returned to Varginha this year and recently announced he has obtained more information from the forensic pathologist who examined the young policeman who allegedly touched an alien. What he found could shed new light on Brazil’s Roswell.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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