Nashville Shooting Has Been Erased From Memory Due To Inconvenient Narrative

Journalist Glenn Greenwald noted Monday that the Nashville shooting, which occurred less than three weeks ago, has already been “erased from memory” because it was perpetrated by a trans individual and represents an “inconvenient narrative”.

Appearing on SiriusXM with Megyn Kelly, Greenwald succinctly noted how Kamala Harris and others within the Biden administration have attempted to sweep the school shooting, in which three children lost their lives, under the rug.

“This Nashville shooting has been erased from memory even though it happened very recently because it’s such an inconvenient narrative given that the shooter was not just someone who was trans but very possibly acted on behalf of this radical ideology,” Greenwald told Kelly.

“And amazingly they won’t show us the manifesto even though we always see the manifesto when they can link it to the right,” greenwald continue, adding “We’ve retained counsel in Nashville to try to obtain that manifesto because it’s journalistically in the public interest.”

The journalist continued, “Kamala Harris goes there and pretends there are no victims because they want to forget about that shooting completely except to the extent they can exploit it for gun control issues.”

“So somehow a shooting by what appeared to be somebody motivated by at least in part radical theories of gender ideology and killed Christian children in the name of that ideology,” Greenwald continued, “Somehow that has been turned around so that whoever is concerned about that competent of the story is now back to being a 1960s Jim Crow racist.”

“Of course it wouldn’t work without the media’s cooperation, that’s how they frame everything in partnership with their partisan allies,” greenwald asserted.

He then tore into Harris specifically, noting “The Democratic Party is about nothing other than criminalizing dissent and protest. Everything she just said there is so cynical and so disingenuous. It’s hard to know where to start.”

Greenwald continued, “Let’s remember the only good moment of her ill-fated presidential campaign… was when she accused Joe Biden of being a racist because he had opposed bussing and desegregation of schools and she had that moment in that debate where she said ‘That little girl was me, Joe.’ Really strongly implying he was a racist.”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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