Led By “Fat Activists”, New York Considering Bill To Ban Weight Discrimination

As if being overweight wasn’t already enough of a virtue in the United States nowadays, New York will soon be looking to approve a bill that would ban “weight discrimination in hiring and housing”.

Victoria Abraham, referred to multiple times as a “fat activist” by the New York Times, who reported the story, says her cause isn’t to lose weight – but rather to make sure people don’t get the wrong perception about fat people.

A proponent for the legislation, she told the Times: “There is a perception that you’re lazy or unable to do the work. People don’t even realize that they have that bias.”

She said she proudly displays her body on her LinkedIn profile, so “prospective employers know whom they are considering hiring.”

The bill will add weight to the list of protected groups, which also includes race, gender, religion and disability, the report notes, stating that obesity rates are up over the last 2 decades and accelerated during lockdowns, when people were forced to stay home. More than 40% of Americans are obese, the Times writes.

We have to ask, though: if that number breaches 50%, can’t obese people no longer be considered a minority? We digress.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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