A QAnon Follower Booby-Trapped Her Home With Flashbangs and Pepper Spray

A troubled QAnon follower who believes that former president Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton are trying to have her killed booby-trapped her house with shotguns and pepper spray. She claimed her ex-husband was secretly filming child pornography on the Clintons’ behalf, and is now facing felony charges after being arrested last week.

The incident is the latest example of how QAnon, a conspiracy movement that its adherents repeatedly claim to be peaceful, can drive believers to commit violent, and often deadly, acts.

But the incident earlier this month could have been much worse. In a comment on her Facebook page on Tuesday night, the QAnon believer claimed that when police arrived at her home: “I had 20 guns on me.”

On March 9, a door-to-door salesman named Dylan Martin approached the front door of a house occupied by Bryan Hill and Tracy Jo Remington in Colorado. 

Martin, who works for a house painting company, didn’t notice the “no trespassing” sign just to the left of the steps leading up to the front porch, and walked straight into a tripwire the residents had set up.

Martin heard “a loud bang [and] saw a bright white flash of light,” according to an affidavit reviewed by VICE News. He “immediately felt disoriented with his vision being blurred and [causing] his ears to ring.”

A few houses away, Martin’s colleague Christoper Howard heard the bang and was certain it was a gunshot. Howard rushed to the house and checked Martin over. At that point, the garage door opened, and Hill shouted at the pair: “No trespassing.”

After the incident, Howard and Martin quickly left the area. But over the next few days, Martin’s hearing was still affected and he had a constant headache. He called the police to report the incident, and on March 14, officers visited the property and found the tripwire. They also found a shotgun-type device connected to the tripwire that used blanks to recreate the noise of a 12-gauge shotgun but without the projectiles, in a bush to the side of the path.

The officers, after speaking to people in the area, discovered that the residents of the house had told their neighbors not to let their kids play near the house, according to the charging documents.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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