Congressman Claims Alien Tech Is Secretly Being Reverse Engineered By US Government

Recovered UFO technology may be “being reverse-engineered right now,” but we “don’t understand” how it functions, according to a U.S. Representative.

Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett told Newsweek that he believed “we have recovered a craft at some point, and possible beings.”

“I think that a lot of that’s being reverse-engineered right now, but we just don’t understand it,” he continued.

In early February, four objects were shot down over North America in quick succession. The first was identified by the Pentagon as a Chinese surveillance balloon and was shot down off the coast of South Carolina. China has stated it was a civilian airship collecting meteorological data.

The Defense Department has not confirmed the nature of the remaining three objects, which were targeted by U.S. fighter jet missiles over Alaska, Canada, and Lake Huron, Michigan.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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