Why Is Election Denier Stacey Abrams Overseeing Elections In Nigeria?

It’s an odd case of juxtaposition.  A politician well known for refusing to accept election outcomes based on dubious claims is now helping to oversee the “integrity” of elections in an unstable foreign nation like Nigeria.  

Democrat and failed Georgia governor candidate Stacey Abrams is famous for her hypocrisy when it comes to accusations of election rigging while attacking conservative candidates for also questioning elections.  Abrams refused to concede to Republican Brian Kemp after the Georgia election results of 2018, claiming that the election was stolen due to voter oppression tied to discrimination.  She specifically targeted rules restricting some mail in ballots and absentee ballots.  Federal courts ruled that there were no grounds for her accusations.

Abrams has long been an avid defender of absentee ballot harvesting tactics and claims rules against the practice are “race related.”  The methodology of ballot harvesting has long been a boon for Democrats in the US as a means to secure election wins through absentee votes, which are collected by political operatives from people’s homes and then delivered to polling places.  Suspicions over ballot harvesting and the potential for vote rigging within the chain of custody have been the cause of numerous election conflicts, including conflicts over the 2020 presidential election.

The former governor’s candidate is also known for her aggressive opposition to voter ID laws designed to prevent non-citizens from casting in US elections.

Abrams is, strangely, now in Nigeria, joining the National Democratic Institute (along with the National Republican Institute) on a mission to observe elections and encourage voter participation.  The diplomatic initiative includes a contingent of globalist think-tank representatives from institutions like the Atlantic Council and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, which is heavily involved in diversity and equity programs similar to ESG efforts.

The NDI/NRI are focused on convincing younger voters to appear at polling stations, which seems to be a fair mission.  However, with widespread delays and attacks on some polling stations, there are questions of corruption and foreign interference.  The groups involved in the effort are predominantly concerned with the spread of globalist policies.  

Why Stacey Abrams and why Nigeria? It’s hard to say, but one of the major candidates for President of Nigeria is Bola Tinubu, a member of the socialist All Progressives Congress party, and Tinubu has some ties to Barack Obama, just as Abrams is a close associate of Barack Obama.  While Joe Biden’s interest in Tinubu is less certain, his former boss and the Democrat Party asked the Nigerian socialist to attend the Democratic National Convention in 2012, allegedly offering him a “gold card invitation”.  The circumstances surrounding the level of favor garnered by Tinubu’s DNC invitation are debated.    

The leftist oriented Woodrow Wilson Center, which as noted is part of the NDI election oversight operation in Nigeria, has also taken a special interest in Tinubu, inviting him to speak in 2014 on the value of the Opposition Parties in “progressing” Nigeria. 

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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