Good Cop Predicts His Video Exposing Crimes in Dept Will Get Him Attacked—He Was Right

Those who are paying attention to the ever-expanding police state in the land of the free know that the system is set up in such a way that it protects bad cops while punishing the good ones. The following example of Holyoke Police Officer Rafael Roca calling out corruption in his department and being immediately suspended for it, proves this point perfectly.

Roca took to YouTube this week to expose outright criminal activity throughout his department starting with Holyoke Police Chief Manny Febo, who Roca called a “dirty cop.”

In the video, which is 43 minutes long, Roca made multiple accusations including missing guns, racial discrimination, covering up criminal activity in the department, including “cops beating their wives,” and asked for an investigation by the FBI.

“I talk to citizens. I talk to retired Holyoke police officers. They all say the Holyoke police department has been corrupt for as long as they can remember … as long as anyone can remember,” said Roca.

In the video, Roca said he’s had a target on his back since he called out corruption back in 2016 during a DUI stop. During the stop, Holyoke Police Sgt. Jorge Monsalve opted not to arrest the person driving drunk — a Holyoke Fire Department lieutenant — and drove him home instead. While this type of discretion is often warranted, it’s what happened next that made Roca question the integrity of his fellow brothers in blue.

After Monsalve brought the lieutenant home, Roca later spotted the man speeding by in the car he agreed to leave behind. The firefighter then led police on a high speed chase, blowing through a stop sign and endangering everyone on the road. When he was finally stopped, the fire lieutenant was not arrested nor charged with a crime.

Nothing happened to the officers who witnessed the crimes and failed to act.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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