‘Say Hi to Snow White. I owe you so much’: How ousted Barclays Boss Jes Staley referenced Disney princesses in trove of 1,200 bombshell emails with ‘profound friend’ Epstein – even when the pedo financier was LOCKED UP

The former boss of Barclays made suggestive references to Disney princesses in emails to Jeffrey Epstein, court documents revealed last night.

Jes Staley exchanged around 1,200 emails with convicted pedophile Epstein as part of what the former referred to as a ‘profound’ friendship.

The emails have come to light in a case filed against JP Morgan bank by the government of the US Virgin Islands, where Epstein had a private island.

Mr Staley, 66, was chief executive of JP Morgan’s exclusive private bank, which counted Epstein as a client, until 2013.

He became head of Barclays in 2015 and was forced out in 2021 over his links to Epstein.

According to the lawsuit, JP Morgan turned a blind eye to Epstein’s sex trafficking and enabled it by allowing Epstein and his co-conspirators to retain bank accounts.

Between 2008 and 2012, Mr Staley exchanged around 1,200 emails with Epstein from his JP Morgan email account, it is claimed.

These communications show a ‘close personal relationship and ‘profound’ friendship between the two men and even suggest that Staley may have been involved in Epstein’s sex-trafficking operation’, the documents state.

In one exchange Mr Staley, is said to have written ‘say hi to Snow White’ and asked if ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was free.

Epstein replied: ‘Well, one side is available’, apparently referring to Beauty.

In another email, Epstein sent Mr Staley photos of a young woman in a ‘seductive pose’, according to US court documents.

The cache of messages reveal that ‘Staley corresponded with Epstein while Epstein was incarcerated’ for 15 months for soliciting an underage girl for prostitution.

Mr Staley ‘visited Epstein’s Virgin Islands residence on multiple occasions’ and ‘Epstein even advised Staley in connection with Staley’s salary negotiations at JP Morgan in July of 2008’.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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