BELIEVE IT OR NOT: China Claims It Sighted an Unidentified Flying Object Near Its Border

China state-affiliated media outlet The Global Times reported on Sunday that authorities in China’s Shandong Province have spotted an unidentifiable flying object over the coastal city of Rizhao.

Authorities in China are now preparing to shoot down the UFO and have sent out a message to local fishermen to stay out of the waters until the operation is complete.

The new report by China comes less than 24 hours after the United States shot down a high-altitude object in Canada and 48 hours after the United States shot down another object in Alaskan airspace.

Previously, China claimed the surveillance balloon that flew over Montana and was shot down in South Carolina was a “atmospheric research instrument” however the US military refuted those claims.

Many geopolitical analysts are confused about China’s new reports.

Some are claiming the report by China is a false flag in order for China to “pretend like it’s happening to us too”.

Others believe China is shooting down their own balloon in order to claim they “shot down a US balloon” in a move to not look weak after the US shot down their balloon.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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