We Now Know Why NPR Called Hunter Biden’s Laptop a ‘Non-Story’

In October 2020 when news of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop broke, which contained salacious details about his close business partnership with his father Joe Biden, National Public Radio quickly worked to bury the story. In fact, the outlet issued a lengthy explanation about why the laptop was a “non-story” and “waste of time,” despite receiving millions of dollars in taxpayer funding each year through as series of federal grants.

Now, thanks to Elon Musk, we know exactly why NPR refused to cover the story. They knew it was coming and planned damage control with the FBI. 

Making matters worse, the FBI was using taxpayer dollars to pay media outlets to censor the story. After the story was wiped from Twitter and the vast majority of media outlets, with bans issued on accounts that shared the original New York Post reporting, executives sent the FBI a note of thanks for their work. The gratitude was spearheaded by former FBI attorney James Baker, who was working as Twitter counsel until last month. During his time at the FBI, Baker was behind the infamous Steele Dossier and the false Russia collusion narrative used against President Donald Trump. 

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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