Thousands more secret JFK files including ‘smoking-gun proof of a CIA operation involving Lee Harvey Oswald’ are set to be released next week after President Biden delayed making them public

Thousands of classified documents relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy are set to be released next week, despite several government agencies desperately trying to keep them under wraps.

More than 15,000 documents concerning the assassination remain locked away at the National Archives 59 years after his death – including dozens which experts believe would be the ‘smoking gun’ proving direct ties between Lee Harvey Oswald and the CIA. 

President Joe Biden ordered a review into the documents which will likely see a large batch of files still under lock and key released by December 15, after 1500 were released on the same date last year.

But his administration is now facing a federal lawsuit from a New York-based lawyer who discovered that the CIA, FBI, DEA and other agencies are hell-bent on keeping the files secret – lending more credence to the incredulity of conspiracy theorists with each passing year.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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