CBS News quits posting on Twitter because of ‘uncertainty’ of Elon Musk’s leadership, but continues to use Chinese surveillance app TikTok

CBS News has declared that it will cease posting on Twitter because of “uncertainty” under the new leadership of Elon Musk. However, CBS News continues to operate an account on TikTok – which the U.S. government has warned is a Chinese surveillance tool.

“CBS Evening News” ran a piece on Friday night titled: “Twitter Turmoil.” The segment began with anchor Major Garrett saying – without evidence – that Musk is “scrambling, quite simply, to prevent the social media platform from collapsing.”

CBS News national correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti claimed that Musk offered “little reassurance he has a permanent plan” for the future of Twitter because the Tesla CEO asked users of the social media platform what Twitter should do next. On multiple occasions since acquiring Twitter, Musk has asked Twitter users how the social media platform could be better going forward.

Vigliotti interviewed one former Twitter employee who worked at the company until Musk acquired the company. Coincidentally, the former disgruntled employee is a plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit against Twitter. The former employee claimed that Twitter under Musk was “definitely a culture of fear and uncertainty, of anxiety.”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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