Tiffany’s jewelry tycoon, 71, plunges to her death from Norwegian Spirit cruise ship at 3am off Tahiti coast as it’s revealed gems were stolen from her cabin – and boyfriend took TWENTY HOURS to report her missing

A tycoon who owns Tiffany jewelry empire in Turkey has died after plunging to her death from a cruise ship during a South Sea Islands holiday.

Dilek Ertek, 71 – the distributor of Tiffany in Turkey for more than 20 years – fell into the South Pacific off the coast of Tahiti from the Norwegian Spirit ship on October 26.

Respected Turkish newspaper Sabah reported that her family have urged police to investigate Miss Ertek’s Swiss national lover, who was with her on the trip.

Her son Gokce Atuk says jewelry had gone missing from the safe in his mother’s cabin.

And despite ship CCTV footage showing she probably fell at 3am, her unnamed lover only reported her missing some 20 hours later, according to local media.

Experts seem baffled over how Miss Ertek – who was just 5ft2 and tee-total – was able to fall over the 3ft-high guard rail to her cabin. 

The 74-year-old partner was kept under observation by the ship’s crew in a separate cabin before they then docked in Tahiti three days later.

He was reportedly questioned by police in Tahiti before being released due to a lack of evidence. He has since returned to Switzerland.

A search at sea for Miss Ertek’s body has been discontinued.

Miss Ertek had boarded the vessel on October 24 in Papeete Island, French Polynesia, to celebrate her birthday in Bora Bora, a small South Pacific island on November 5.

The cruise was set to end in Honolulu, in Hawaii.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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