Cells Don’t Lie: Cancer is on the Rise Due To mRNA Injections

“The spike protein is a toxin,” says pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole and it is also almost certainly causing cancer in many cases. “We know that the spike protein can induce cancer pathways. It’s happening. Cancers are on the increase across the board,” says Cole. Edify Research and Consulting recently published a report on the rise of cancer due to mRNA injections.

Cole says it doesn’t matter who the manufacturer is, “they all make the spike protein.” Dr. Cole has been a pathologist for 26 years and has “never seen anything like this.” Cole examines blood and performs biopsies on tissue regularly. “Cells don’t lie, clots don’t lie, damaged organs don’t lie,” said Cole in his October 22 interview with Jan Jekielek on Epoch Times TVTrained at the Mayo Clinic, Cole practices “high-volume pathology.”  He believes he has done more biopsies than most biologists—around 500,000, a number that represents the “career of three biologists.” Cole said in an introductory video in the report:

“Lymphomas, leukemias, blood cancers [are on the rise] because that spike goes to the bone marrow. The lipid nanoparticle carries the mRNA to your dividing stem cells. Because it doesn’t stay in the arm, it can go into any cell in your body, and it turns that cell into a spike factory. It inhibits the ability of your DNA to repair itself. It binds to our mitochondria and destroys the energy of our brain cells. [It] Destroys the energy of our liver cells and destroys the energy of any cell that gets into your own immune system, attacks those cells. That spike protein causes mechanisms of cancer in many people. And I’ve been seeing that in the lab. I’ve been having it confirmed by oncologists, radiologists, radiation oncologists, and pathologists all around the world as I travel,”

In another interview with Steve Kirsch on October 16, Cole also states he is seeing people pass away 5 to 6 months after the injection. “The spike protein causes inflammation in the blood vessels, and blood vessels are in every organ of the body,” adds Cole. He contends it is the chronic inflammation in the vessels that can cause chronic disease over time, whether it is coronary disease, cancer, or other potentially fatal diseases. It is important to note that the spike protein present from natural infection clears much more quickly from the human body than does the spike protein from the mRNA injections.

Cole cites Dr. Aseem Malhotra in the UK, whose perfectly healthy father passed his cardiac exam with flying colors but died six months later of “severe coronary disease after his second shot.” Cole maintains the spike protein causes “a smoldering wildfire until the burden of the disease and the burden of the inflammation finally adds up to incompatibility with life.” He adds there is no reason death couldn’t happen even a year after the jab. “Five or six months seems to be the peak,” says Cole. “But there is no reason, based on the lack of studies, that it [death] couldn’t happen within a one-year period of time.” 

The mRNA and Cancer report from Edify Research is divided into three sections of slides which show a statistical correlation “on a specific timeline between U.S. mRNA injection rates and cancer rates.” Part 1 provides key data, graphing data sets for cancers and mRNA injection rates “graphed over time.” Data was collected from the “CDC, The Ethical Skeptic, VAERSanalysisinfo., and teammate John Beaudoin.” The graphs show a strong correlation between mRNA injection and cancers with “high confidence in findings.” The graphs are overlaid with lines for median cancer and median mRNA to minimize the effect of statistical outliers.

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