The More We Learn, the More Questions We Have: Here Are the Latest Details About the Pelosi Break-in

In the ongoing saga of the break-in at Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home and and subsequent assault of her husband Paul, new information has been confirmed that raising more questions about the security and monitoring systems in place at the million-dollar home of one of the most powerful individuals in the U.S. government. 

According to Fox News’ Capitol Hill reporter Chad Pergram, the United States Capitol Police did have eyes on the Pelosi’s home from afar at the time the break-in and assault was taking place “but no one saw anything until they noticed police lights at her home.”

The Washington Post reported more on how USCP found out what was going on 2,000 miles away in San Francisco:

Inside the command center for the U.S. Capitol Police, a handful of officers were going through their routines early Friday morning, cycling through live feeds from the department’s 1,800 cameras used to monitor the nearby Capitol complex as well as some points beyond, when an officer stopped. On a screen showing a darkened street nearly 3,000 miles away, police lights were flashing outside the home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), officials say.

The officer in D.C. quickly pulled up additional camera angles from around Pelosi’s home and began to backtrack, watching recordings from the minutes before San Francisco police arrived. There, on camera, was a man with a hammer, breaking a glass panel and entering the speaker’s home, according to three people familiar with how Capitol Police learned of the break-in and who have been briefed on or viewed the video themselves.

That is, there was a live video feed in which the alleged perpetrator — who has since entered a “not guilty” plea — presumably was seen lurking around the property and breaking into the Pelosi home. But no one was paying attention. And no, it wouldn’t have been on a delay or only visible after the incident. Fox confirmed what the Post reported, that Capitol Police “would have witnessed the break-in in real-time.” But they didn’t, and only saw it happening when they replayed a recording from the night of the attack after seeing police lights outside the Speaker’s house.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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