As crime surges, Eric Adams tells New Yorkers subway safety is up to them

As NYC subway crime is up 41 percent this year, Mayor Eric Adams told his citizens on Friday that the solution to warding off violent criminals is to stop looking at phones and stop listening to music as New Yorkers make their daily rides.

Eric Adams was speaking on Good Day New York and anchor Bianca Peters said, “I rode the subway yesterday, and it’s the same thing. I haven’t put my AirPods in for over a year because I feel like I need to be very much aware.” Adams replied, “Well first, I think that you were right about, you know, not having your iPods in – not focusing on the phone, and I say yes to that. I do the same, and we put out a video and information telling people about being aware of what’s around them and what’s taking place. I encourage New Yorkers to do that.” 

The Blue Lives Matter Twitter account responded and wrote, “Under-pressure NYC mayor Eric Adams tells residents to put their phones away, carry pepper spray, tasers and stop using Apple Airpods – suggesting unaware subway riders may be the REASON for rising violent crime.” 

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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