Elementary Teacher Arrested After Allegedly Putting Girls Through Sick Game Called ‘The Cave’

“How did this go on for so long?”

That’s what one parent asked police regarding a highly regarded teacher’s failure to report a co-worker despite multiple reports of inappropriate behavior with young girls.

James Eschert, 51, was arrested in January by police in Plymouth, Connecticut, and faces five charges of risk of injury along with two charges of fourth-degree sexual assault.

Law & Crime called both charges misdemeanors, but risk of injury appears to be a felony charge and, according to Connecticut Code – Sec. 53a-73a, the latter charges are considered felonies when the victim(s) are under 16 years old.

An affidavit filed in support of the arrest warrant for Eschert and his co-workers, which does not name the alleged underage victims or their family members and refers to Eschert as “Mr. E,” details some pretty disgusting allegations.

The mother of “V11,” one of the alleged victims in the case, said she believed Eschert had been abusing his students for 20 years.

“Mom remembers her now 28-year-old niece [emphasis added] telling her how she remembers Mr. E as a touchy, feely kind of guy and recalls a time when Mr. E chaperoned a school trip to an amusement park and one of her friends went on a two-person ride with Mr. E and her friend sat between Mr. E’s legs,” the affidavit reads. “According to mom, her niece recalls her friend getting off that ride and being really creeped out.”

“I asked her why she thinks Mr. E did all of this,” the investigating detective swore in the affidavit. “She said, ‘Because he likes girls. Little girls.’”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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