Cop Convicted on 80 Charges After Forcing Woman to Perform Sex Act on 1-Year-Old

Over the past decade, the Free Thought Project has reported on utterly horrific crimes perpetrated by police officers against society’s most vulnerable. From children to the elderly, no demographic is left safe. However, a case out of Iberville Parish in Louisiana is at the top of the list for the most disturbing things we’ve ever seen. An on-duty cop forced a mother to perform oral sex on her one-year-old son — while he filmed it to make child porn — by threatening to arrest her if she refused.

“I’ve seen homicides, I’ve seen bodies riddled with bullets, but this is the most disgusting thing you will ever see,” said District Attorney Tony Clayton, with the 18th Judicial District.

The investigation into the above criminal act led police down a horrifying rabbit hole in which they discovered even more heinous crimes, including other children and even animals abused by this monster with a badge.

Disgraced former officer Shaderick Jones, 36, was convicted this month on 24 counts of child pornography and 55 counts of bestiality. He has yet to go to trial for the incident involving the baby. That trial takes place next month at the Iberville Parish Courthouse.

“This was some of the most egregious and disgusting conduct a human being can ever watch,” said Clayton. “Just to have those kids be photographed in that manner, and to have 12 jurors sit for days and have to watch that activity. It shocks the conscious. Words cannot explain the conduct.”

The former Iberville Parish sheriff’s deputy Jones came under investigation after serving an arrest warrant at the home of Iyehesa Todd in 2019. According to St. Gabriel Police Chief Kevin Ambeau, while serving the warrant, Jones told Todd that he would not arrest her if she performed the act for “his fantasy.”

Disgustingly enough, Todd followed through with it as Jones made the video.

After Jones was arrested, Todd was arrested shortly after and booked into the Iberville Parish jail on first-degree rape and incest charges.

“I have 30 years of experience,” Ambeau said. “This is at the top of the list for the worst case. I have never witnessed something so disgusting — it’s sickening to your stomach to see.”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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