NBC News slammed after suggesting that the Feds should begin censoring text messages

NBC News has proven yet again that ‘mainstream’ media outlets in America are nothing but propagandists for the deep state, which is exactly the opposite of the vision our founders had for a “free press.”

NBC published a story exaggerating the issue of supposed “disinformation” going out via text messages, citing one campaign that nearly ended what the outlet described as “abortion protections” in Kansas to make its point.

In addition, the ‘story’ referenced a former Obama campaign official, Scott Goodstein, who “built the bulk text messaging apparatus for” the former president’s 2008 campaign, who now claims that Americans are being inundated with text message “disinformation.”

Citing the report, Newsbusters added:

NBC noted there is no regulatory agency to monitor text messages and wondered if “political groups that spread text message disinformation” would face any “consequences.” The news outlet did not present a definite solution.

Leftists “won’t rest until our text messages, television news, personal emails, phone calls—and eventually in-person conversations—are censored to fit their preferred narrative,” Internet Accountability Project (IAP) founder and President Mike Davis noted in an email, Newsbusters reported.

American Principles Project (APP) Director of Policy Jon Schweppe opined that NBC News shielded the real reason for its ‘story.’

“We know what this is really about,” he wrote in an email to Newsbusters. “It has nothing to do with ‘disinformation.’ This is about power, about censoring political messages that run counter to the elite consensus, and about rigging elections.”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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