World Economic Forum Paper: Fighting Climate Change Necessary to Save “Democracy”

The World Economic Forum’s position paper, released Monday, argued that more government action is needed to combat “climate change,” not just to avert damage to the world’s climate, but also to save democracy. The WEF insisted that the views expressed in the article “are those of the author alone and not the World Economic Forum.”

The views expressed, however, are terrifying to anyone who believes in a free market, and are quite consistent with the positions of the WEF, which are hardly friendly to limited government.

Klaus Schwab, the founder of WEF, is clearly an advocate of the idea of more government control of the economy so as to protect the environment. In May of 2020, the WEF joined together with Prince Charles, the heir to the throne of England, in launching “The Great Reset” project, which has since been supported by progressive politicians all over the world, including President Joe Biden. The intention of the project, Schwab insists, is to reconsider the meaning of capitalism. He favors moving on from free-market fundamentalism, and toward international cooperation. Schwab is a former member of the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group, another organization of global elitists.

According to the paper, democracy has been in decline over the past 15 years, and ignoring progress toward a “low-carbon economy could put democracies in greater economic peril, not less.” The author of the article, Edward Barbier, is a professor at Colorado State University and has been promoting his radical environmental views for several years. In 2009, he authored the United Nations’ Global Green New Deal, and has been an advisor to the Green Party of Australia.

In other words, the solution to the alleged problem of climate change is more government, and not just more government, but more world government.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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