Video of Hunter Biden Buying Enough Crack to Put Him in Jail for Years, Proves the Elite are Above the Law

In the ostensible land of the free, there are two sets of justice systems: one for all those within and connected to the system, and one for everyone else. A perfect example of this two tiered system is the fact that people are jailed every day in this country if they are caught with crack cocaine. Currently, over half of the entire federal prison population is doing time for cocaine. However, when the president’s son is seen on video smoking it and even trafficking large amounts of it, he faced no consequences.

Sunday night, yet another damning video of Hunter Biden was released showing him purchasing crack from an alleged prostitute. In the video, Hunter is seen filming himself smoking a cigarette before reversing the camera onto a scale with a white substance, reportedly identified as crack.

Had Hunter been caught with this much crack prior to 2002, he could have gone to jail for over 20 years. In fact, the president himself, and Hunter’s father, Joe Biden spearheaded a law while he was a senator that required crack to be penalized at a rate 100 times more than that of powder cocaine. It was called the “100-1 rule” and it was used to lock countless Black men up for decades, tearing families apart and fueling future fatherless generations for years to come.

Coincidentally, white people were caught more often with the powder form of cocaine while Black people were caught more often with crack and as Ron Paul pointed out after this law was passed, only Black people were going to jail for it despite getting caught with the same amount of cocaine.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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