Canada Plans To Share UFO Data With US After Concerns Are Raised On Nuclear Safety

Canadian officials are going to share information about unidentified flying objects with the United States government, according to Vice News.

Two letters from Canada’s Natural Resources Department and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) argued in a June 6 letter that there is a “shared priority for nuclear safety and security of nuclear facilities” due to “the growing interest in UAPs [unidentified aerial phenomena] in both Canada and the United States.”

Deputy Minister of Natural Resources John Hannaford said in his letter that CNSC is “committed to raising the issue with its United States counterpart and sharing any related information going forward.” 

The letters came in response to questions raised by conservative Manitoba Member of Parliament Larry Maguire earlier in 2022 about the security of Canada’s nuclear facilities after reports of drone sightings and other types of UAPs/UFOs. “I asked these questions at the Natural Resources Committee to get the wheels of government turning,” Maguire told Vice News, “Congress is taking this issue seriously and so should our government.”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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